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Henderson vs. Palhares

This is the fight i want to see most in this weekends UFC. Who do yall think will win it? Its an interesting match up of the wrestler/striker in henderson vs. the jiu jitsu of palhares.

Last time I checked Hendo was a pretty heavy favorite. Not so sure I agree with the odds, but I hope he wins. I haven’t seen enough of Palhares (other than the dismantling of Ivan Salaverry) to assess where he stacks up in the divison.

I am surprised they are putting Palhares in there with Henderson. To me this is a guy they should be grooming a bit. He is nasty strong and slick on the ground but to jump from Saliverry to Henderson is a big one.

I am going to have to buy this PPV just for this fight. Henderson is one of my favorite fighters and I really want to see him again Silva again, but Palhares is a stud and I would like to see him put together a run of wins as well. I really wish they wouldn’t have put these two together but should be a good one.

No comments after the fight? Palhares is freakin crazy, it’s nice to see two really skilled guys but with totally different techniques/ learning go at it. His hook kicks for example were crazy!

Palhares is going to be trouble for every one at 185. His striking is a little crazy but he has a rock solid chin and is insane on the ground. I don’t think he’ll lose another fight for awhile. Henderson was just a bad match for him.