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Henderson vs. Franklin II



My first reaction was "what the fuck, didn't we just see this"? If I was Henderson, I would be a little pissed. And are we ever going to see Marquart vs. Henderson? I hope he got the verbal that a win over Franklin (again) will get him a title shot. I would then take Franklin down and keep him there for 3 rounds. He probably won't do this and is the reason why I am actually ok with seeing this fight again after thinking about it.

Both these guys are studs. It was a good match-up two fights ago and it is still a good match-up. What makes it more acceptable to me are the other match-ups on the card. I can't wait to see almost all of these.

Henderson vs. Franklin - Franklin is going to get after it. Henderson knows this and I am curious to see what his game plan is. Does he go for the finish or play it safe? - can't wait.

Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos - Not going three rounds - can't wait

Kampman vs. Swick - Not going three rounds - can't wait

Koschek vs. Trigg - only mildly interested in this one for some reason

Sherk vs. Tibau - should be a fast pace grinder - only mildly interested

Griffin vs. Franca - should be a fast pace grinder - interested

Escudero vs. Miller - Lower level guys but seem to put on a good show. I like this one. I hope we get to see it.

Drwal vs. McFedries - Not going three rounds - probably won't see this one.

dos Anjos vs. Wiman - should be a fast pace grinder - probably won't see this one.

No matter which bouts actually air, this is a good card. I think we will have quite a few finishes and get to see more fights than normal. No 5 rounder either.


I actually thought Franklin edged the first one so will be interested to see the approach they both take


Dhickey I agree Rich will want it more- Hendo what to do
I agree more on WTF?
is this relevant??WTF

and those are some nice- matchups.
Curious to see tibau/sherk does this relegate sherk to gate keeper-
or gate keeper to becoming a A player??



I think its a dick move on the UFC's part. The first fight was close, but Hendo won the first two pretty convincingly in my eyes. Like you, I was looking forward to another outing against the Spider. Hendo may not have damaged him much on the ground, but I felt he had the right gameplan in the first.

Looks like Nate/Maia will be getting dibs on the title shot, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Nate's looked a whole lot more assertive his past few outings. We'll see...


This card's badass. The fight I'm most interested to see is CroCop/Dos Santos, for no other reason than to see if CroCop's still got some fight in him. Only seen Dos Santos fight once, and don't remember how he did or even who he fought, just his name so not sure if he's legit [for lack of a better term].


That's cool with me too. Marquart is one of my favorite fighters and he's looked solid lately. Maia is a stud, but I don't think he submits Marquart. If anyone is going to do it, it would be Maia but I don't see it happening.


Did anyone notice Marquardt on the cover of a recent muscle and fitness? Dude's a fucking tank.


Henderson/Franklin??? Makes no sense. White/Silva couldn't do better for the DFW!?!? Oh well.... should be some good fights regardless.

I was actually looking forward to going to this event as its rare for a UFC event in TX. But I personally can't justify having to spend over $150 a person for decent seats. $50-$150 gets you nose bleed seats that require binoculars and UFC fight link radio to enjoy the fights...no thanks. For now,I will enjoy it much better with friends on 72" HD screen and a cooler of Shiner Bock.


good shit. I drink this anytime I find myself down south.


So does the winner get a Consolation Championship Belt?

I really don't get this matchup, especially as it doesn't guarantee a title shot. Oh well, at least I like watching both guys fight.

My guess is that with only a few fights left on Silva's contract they don't want to "waste" a fight with either of these guys. They likely have a list of possible fights for Silva to maximize PPV buys and these guys aren't on the list for some reason.

I was a big Sherk fan, but I really don't like his new style. I understand he's trying to do what the crowd wants (stand up), but I'd rather see him win using his methods. The guy was a machine on the ground.


I agree. Marquart won the fight with Leites (totally dominated him for the most part), but lost due to points being taken away (that pile driver at the end of round 3 was sick) and thus didn't get another shot at Silva. He's pretty much dominated everyone else he's fought since he lost to Silva the first time.

Maia is crazy dangerous on the ground. Probably the best submission guy in the UFC (with Palhares coming in a close second IMO). If he can get Marquart to fight his fight, I can see him pulling out a win via sub. The questions is, can he get Marquart to the ground?

Honestly I'd much rather see Marquart get another shot at Silva though. Not that I don't think Maia might have a shot at submitting him, but we've seen in Leites' fight that one dimensional fighters (especially ground fighters) had better be just as good at getting it to their area of expertise as they are once there, and I haven't seen any spectacular takedown skill from Maia. Marquart on the other hand is very well rounded, big, strong, athletic, explosive and looking hungry.


That TX's finest right there.


Yeah the lateral drop by Maia against Sonnen not that great or beating many team quest guys man Maia's takedowns suck how will he ever get a wrestler of Marquardts caliber down (sarcasm) Dude has good takedowns and is good enough to pull guard to submit if he needs to.


Yeah I saw it, looking beastly.

I think Hendo wins the rematch. I'm sure Ace will be watching for that right hand and hopes not to end up like Bisping.

CroCop/Dos Santos is going to be good. I like Dos Santos as an up and coming HW, but is going against a vet in CroCop. Too close for me to call, but if Dos Santos wins, it should elevate him the HW ranks.

Swick/Kampmann - Swick takes this and has a shot at GSP

Koscheck/Trigg - I'm excited to see Trigg make his comeback. Koscheck is no slouch though.

Is it just me, or does it seem like fighters are fighting with less time off? Anderson fought at 97, now 101, as well as Thales Leites. CroCop fought at 99, now 103. Hendo at 100, now 103, Ace at 99, now 103. Going back to the early days when guys were fighting every or every other card.


Yes, he is good enough to pull guard and possibly submit Marquart. I said that if he got it to the ground he had a chance of submitting Nate. The difference is that Marquart is a bigger, stronger, better striker than Sonnen. Sonnen let him press him up against the cage, was overly confident with his grappling ability, and yes, Maia showed that he is good at takedowns if he can close the gap and get into a clinch type of match. Sonnen stuffed his shots other than that and whoever beats Anderson is going to have to have a great shot.

Marquart is good enough to not let him do that though IMO. And Silva is definitely good enough to not let him do that (not to mention how good Silva is in the clinch).

Again, I'm not saying that it's gonna be an easy fight for Nate or even that Nate is definitely going to win. Just that I'd rather see him win because I think he offers more of a challenge to Silva than Maia. Who knows though, maybe Maia will prove me wrong. We'll have to wait and see.


meh, looks alright, but can any of those guys jump out of a pool?


Disappointing card, and very disappointed with Hendo/Franklin II. Hendo deserves a shot at the UFC golden boy. Then again I shouldn't be too disappointed after all Dana White is involved.


Rich is Dana's right hand man. He probably whined about wanting another shot at Hendo and White gave it to him. Rich seems like a nice guy but... I want to see Hendo flatten him with that hook.



I want to see the gleison tebau sherk fight
not cause its a great fight- but to see two freaks make weight.



I hope Hendo still gets a shot at Anderson if he loses this fight.

Their first fight wasn't overly exciting, but not dull, either. Very close and the rematch should be good.

It was really the only headline-worthy fight out there for 103. All the other big-name guys are tied up or are just coming off fights. Hendo got thrown in to 103 since he took no damage against Bisping :slight_smile: