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Hemp Seeds


Anyone here use hemp seeds? What are your opinions on them? Know any good US retailers of them? What do they taste like? :stuck_out_tongue:

I've never used them and was curious to get some info from people that have...

Incase you have no idea what they are.. heres a few sites that google brought up;



Thanks d^^b


bump, anyone??


I've eaten seeds from marijuana that I've purchased. I guess its not quite the same thing but I think those taste pretty good.


yea.. i was wondering about the seeds WITHOUT THC :).


Wow i thought at least a handfull of people would know of them...... guess not.


I use organic hemp protein and I think it's very healthy.


Where do you get it from? are you a vegetarian?


Manitoba Harvest brand is the better of them, with more protein and fat, less fiber than the crappy Nutiva brand. They might list retailers on their websites.

The cool thing about hemp protein is that it's totally complete, with all amino acids and all essential fatty acids.

Legend has it that when Buddha was denying himself - in a failed attempt to achieve liberation - he survived on only hemp seed, nothing else.