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Hemp Seed Oil for EFA?

Awhile ago, I read some good things about hemp seed oil for an EFA. Does anyone have any concrete info on this? I bought a bottle, and here is the breakdown of the oil…2.5 g of Omega-3…8 g of omega-6…2 g of omega-9…what do you think?

hemp seed oil has too much omega 6’s compared to 3’s and it tastes a lot worse than flax.

Nic is right. Aside from flax oil, all other oils have a much higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. This includes hemp, canola, walnut and pumpkinseed, which are often touted as a substitute for flax. But they are not. Aside from eating plenty of fish, there is no other easy way to get a lot of omega-3’s besides flax.

Can someone point me to an article about the importance/necessity of the Omegas to a lifter?

The Fat Roundtable is a good article and there is another good article by Eric Noreen about a year ago on the subject. Also, JMB has covered the 6g EPA/DHA supplementation in some of his Appetite For Construction articles in regards to increases in insulin sensitivity (probably the biggest benefit for lifters).