Hemp Protein?

I was talking to someone at the gym today, and they have apparently been trying out HEMP PROTEIN. I have never heard of that… has anyone else? What’s next, cauliflower protein?

I bought a bag at the local health food store to try it. Warning: it tastes just like hemp seed oil. The taste is probably not as bad as I remember flax being when I first had it, but still pretty strong. I’m not sure what flavor you could use to mask the taste…maybe mint???

Bottom line: if you need a non-dairy based protein powder stick to brown rice.

I have tried it. Not exaclty the best tasting protein on the market. Does not have that much protein per serving when compared to other protein powders. Not bad to add to protein shakes to get some EFA’s and some additional protein, but not someting that I would use as a staple.

Mike Mahler

It is a complete protein as well as being rich in omega-3 and GLA.

Hemp seed is actually an excellent food and could substitute for soy in a lot of places.

But unless you are a vegetarian or vegan I don’t know why you would use it as a bodybuilding supplement. I can see supplementing with hemp seed oil as a subsitute for flax seed oil, but for protein it seems kind of pointless, especially with hemp products being expensive niche products, doesn’t seem worth the price unless you are just including some hemp products for variety. I used to eat a granola that contained hemp seed and was really tasty, and there’s an eclectic taco/burger restaurant I go to that makes hemp “burger” patties that are really good. The seeds, plain or toasted, are pretty good too.

I don’t know if it has any of the estrogen issues soy has. I’ve never heard it does, but I don’t think it would have a concern in the stuff I’ve read about hemp.

It’s good stuff and good for you, but I don’t think there’s any reason to bend over backwards to consume it.


Whats the THC content in that?

uhhh, you might want to take a little pirecetam if you add hemp to your regular diet. if i’m not mistaken it lowers IQ. Damn THC.

[quote]samsmarts wrote:
Whats the THC content in that?[/quote]

Heh, it’s between 0 and insignificant. The strains of cannabis they use for industrial purposes are naturally too low in THC to be any use for recreational purposes.

I used to have an academic (I swear) interest in hemp and it’s uses as an industrial crop. The DEA has all kinds of excuses and objections to industrial hemp in the US (mainly they argue that it would be too hard to tell if drug plants were mixed in with the legit hemp, or that it would send the wrong message to kids if the “same plant” as marijuana was used in their food and clothes). But the THC is not a real issue in those products.


[quote]The_Incubator wrote:
samsmarts wrote:
Whats the THC content in that?

Heh, it’s between 0 and insignificant.
. . .
But the THC is not a real issue in those products.


Yeah, aspertame’s worse. but still. . .

The seeds don’t have any THC, not even the expensive dutchmasters. If you’ve been consuming them for THC, that’s not why you have a low IQ. A lack of branching in your family tree is more likely. They might be a good source of fiber.

THC has never been proven to decrease IQ and has no lasting effects on response time or intelligence once the drug has cleared your system. Much of what is spread about it is false info.