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Hemp flour


Has anyone come across hemp flour? (I found some by the name of "Hempola" I think). Apparently it's the stuff left over from the pressing process they use to get hemp oil, and it's (get this) 42% protein.

I have some pancake mix made from the stuff, but I havn't picked up the actual flour yet, so I don't know how it is to cook with. The pancakes are damn tasty. :slightly_smiling:

42% protein flour though, that's something I've got to look into. Any experiences?


The stuff is dark dark green!Looks like spirulina. Most recipies I've come across use part Hempola, part whole wheat flour- maybe because it's too strong tasting or perhaps doesn't bake that well.


Update: I found the page with the nutritional info here.

Not too bad, the stuff is only 13% of non-fiber carbs, and almost all the fat (10%) is EFAs.

I'm gonna take a run down to the local hippie-health-food store and give this stuff a shot.


Excuse my ignorance, but how can this stuff have as much dietary fiber as it does? Below is the macro layout from that webpage:

Protein 40.8g
Fat 10.4g
Carbs 31.5
Total Dietary Fiber 56.0
Calories 383

The macro amounts and the calories all jibe, but I don't understand how it can have as much fiber as it does. Could someone please explain this to me? Thanks.



You copied the iron content instead of the fiber---which is 18.4

one of the reasons this "flour" would need to be mixed with other flours for baking is that it is gluten free, which means it will not stretch/rise with the addition of a yeast or baking soda or powder.

Please let us all know how it works out.


The fiber number may be wrong. I certainly hope the iron number is wrong as well. 10.2mg/100g is excessive.


Hemp is a vary fibrous plant.

Hell they make rope out of it.


Hahaha, the fiber count is 18.4g :slightly_smiling:

Hmm.. kinda dissapointing that I have to mix the stuff with other flour, although I can probably get away with mixing just a little bit of organic whole wheat flour and some baking powder or something (depending on what I'm making).

Anyway, I'll update this thread with how it made out. I'll definately make some pancakes (I'm a pancake junkie) but I'll have to figure out something else to make (high protein muffins perhaps?)

Helpful links welcome.


Maybe you can increase the % of hemp flour as you get used to the taste. Hey, I just might be a fussy bastard. It's been a while since I used it, can't really remember the taste.


Is it okay to cook with hemp flour? I'm under the impression that you shouldn't cook flax seeds, as it damages the oils.


IM, no, I think I copied that right. I just took a second glance at the page and that's the number that lines up with "Total Dietary Fiber".

Got to be a misprint.


I don't remember all the numbers, but I know hemp oil sucks compared to flax oil. The ratio of omega-6 and 3's isn't good. There's not much 3 in there.

Not sure about the flour, but saying it has "good fats" may be going too far. Probably better than soy though!


Lisa: Most of the fat is pressed out of it already (it is flour after all!) so that's not really an issue. Heating it may damage the EFAs, but I don't think I or anyone else would be using flour as a primary source of EFAs anyway so it's a non-issue.

And what you would do with flour other than cook it somehow is beyond me!


I had to get the lady @ the health food store to order it for me, so I've got to wait until next week to play with this stuff. Dah well.


Not one to split hairs over something, but on my screen and on Dave's the fiber is 18.4 and the Iron is 56.0.



Dave, makes sense, but if I read correctly above, there's 10 g of fat per 100 grams. I'm not suggesting that the flour be used as a source of good fats--I'm just questioning whether heating those fats would render them damaged, and therefor less desirable. Which would limit the flour's utilitity, since, as you imply, raw flour doesn't taste very good. :wink:

Please keep us posted on your experiments, though--I'm always looking to expand my diet.



Tek- You are right as far as the flour not being a good source of EFA's. If there is any in it after they process it I am sure it is no treated properly to maintain the EFA's

Hemp is a ration of 2,1,1

But Flax is better~


Ok I am seeing that some of you are on the right track but others have the wrong info.
Hemp flour has about 10% oil content, the following is the nutritional break down from a bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Flour/ 15g serving.
Protein 4.7g
Fat 1.8g
Carbs 6.8
Fiber 6.1g

I have this bag because I work at Manitoba Harvest!

I am sure you have seen products on the market called Hemp Protein, its the same as flour in a different package at a much higher price!

Here are my thoughts!! USE THE HEMP SEED NUT! Better taste and more benefits!!
The following is the nutritional breakdown of the Hemp Seed Nut/ 30g serving:
Protein 11g
Carbs 7.2g
Total Fat 9.8g but remember only .5g is saturated fat the rest is the good fats.
Fiber 1.4g

The nut is 35% oil thus giving you a great source of the essential fatty acids that the body needs. Remember the essential fatty acids are the building blocks of life.

Hemp Seed Oil does not come in a ratio of 2:1:1 it comes in a ratio of 3.75:1:1 (Omega 6:Omega 3:Omega 9) Its in a perfect ratio that the body needs. If you use a flax or a fish oil you get too much omega 3 and that can cause a number of different issues.

Using the hemp seed nut as a protein source is a great plan. The body has to work very hard to digest Whey, thats why you have to take so much as for hemp the body handles it very easily making your body more efficient! Why not let your body spent more time growing rather than working to breakdown the other protein you are consuming. If you check out Manitoba Harvest's website there is a Smoothie called the Green Earth Smoothie this is great tasting, full of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals! Its a great meal replacement.

I don't want this to sound like an ad for the company. I do work for Manitoba Harvest but I am also a bodybuilder. I was seeing the wrong information so I was just passing on the right info.

I hope this is a help!

Take Care of You

The Hemp Guy!