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Hemp and Marijuana Are the Answer


Political leaders and their cronies can not seem the grasp the benefits of these two plants. Their benefits far out weigh any negative effects. The benefit to the economy alone is massive. The health benefits are through the roof. Repeated studies show Hemp oil as a major medicine from cancer fighting to seizures.

Here is Joe Rogans rant. https://www.minds.com/blog/view/387331075283619840/joe-rogan-crystallizes-why-hemp-and-psychedelics-are-illegal-and-their-extraordinary-human-value


All other stuff aside, lets analyze this comment.

Do you really believe that if Hemp Oil was the a major medical discovery that Pharmaceutical companies would not be making and selling this miracle cure already?


Get out of hear with this logic and reason Derek...

Stoners are so much smarter than Ivy League educated people who've got years of experience making millions of dollars running and developing billion dollar enterprises.

In other news facebook told me I can use coconut oil instead of toothpaste and sweet potatoes instead of sun tan lotion.

Suck it Johnson & Johnson!


Lol okay I want to see your lily white ass after you rub a sweet potato all over you and go out in the sun for a day.


I googled the sweet potato thing. Turns out that you don't cake them all over your skin as I had thought. Supposedly the antioxidants in the sweet potato will protect the skin from UV light.

I am glad I checked before I went to the beach all covered in mashed potatoes and got a sunburn.


I guess because they can not. One can not patent a natural substance, although they have tried. Research in Spain shows Hemp oil cure some cancer types. UCLA David Geffen school of Medicine has done research showing that smoking marijuana can cure some cancers. Now if the big Pharma companies even acknowledge the possibility that this is true they will loss billions of dollars, that is why they lie!


Is that how it works?



But they sell fish oil, "Lovaza", as a prescription medication.



Sorry dude, I'm out.




You can't patent a natural substance, but you can certainly patent the means for isolating or synthesizing it. You can also patent the delivery method.

Niacin is patented, it's called Niaspan.
Synthesized fish oil is patented, it's called Lovaza.
A mixture of 11 herbs has been granted a patent as an AIDS drug.
A combo of St. Johns Wort and ephedrine has been patented for weight loss.
A transdermal version of the plantain has been patented for smoking cessation.



Or you know, they could pay a couple congressmen in hookers and blow and have access to any fucking patent they want.

lol at stoner conspiracy theory.

In other news, I fully encourage legalization and the rampant use of it. It will thin the herd. Between the baby boomers retiring and people too stoned to keep up I should make at least 5-8% more a year.


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Seriously think about this for a second:

Situation A) Big Pharma is just leaving "billions" on the table. They sit around their tables and plan how to keep people sick and just crossing their fingers no one ever hears about the magical wonder drug "da budz", because you know, they don't really like making billions of dollars and are just leaving it to chance no one figures out how awesome Mary Jane is.

Situation B) There is no fucking way on God's Green Earth Big Pharma is leaving that much money on the table based purely on the hope and prayer it stays "illegal" (protip: whole bunch of shit they make is illegal, hense the prescription). In fact they are well aware, more so than High Times, the uses and benefits of hemp and THC, and have more than one contingency plan in place so they won't lose a single cent.

Also, I'm going to LOL when Monsanto is selling all the pinko hippies on my facebook page the packs of joints they buy in the store 10 years from now. Philip Morris Brand Weed, "Can I get a pack of Marb Greens please?"


If it keeps their little nugs free from pests, they'll be all for it.


alcohol is lethal and highly addictive, and is promoted constantly
cigarettes will kill you over time and is highly addictive, totally legal

nobody has ever died from weed, but is a schedule 1 drug right next to heroin, and meth.

I dont have anything else to add other than, i dont get it...