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Am i the only one who gets Hemorrhoids when lifting heavy, or do you all have them and thats just the way it is? do they go away after a while? I never had them untill i started deadlifting.


I think I got them once when I used some generic toilet paper :slightly_smiling:

If you do get them, get some 1% Hydrocortisone. It is an anti-itch cream, but it worked for me. Also, I'm not sure if its easy to detect what hemmorrhoids are or if its just a skin irritation, but what I had, it hurt and was really irritating. Also, it sucked to sit down :frowning:

Also, put a cup of salt in a hot bath. I used table salt, but I'm sure Epson salt works good, too. I believe an Epson salt bath is also used for recovery after lifting (in the article, "7 Secrets to Rapid Recovery" by Christian Thibaudeau)



Pain in the ass, aren't they?


Get yourself some psyllium. Take 2 tablespoons, in juice or beverage of choice, each night. This will provide bulk for your stools and decrease their hardness. You will feel better in a few days guaranteed.


Pavel Tsatsouline in his book "Power to the People" on page 66 states:

"The rectal sphincter contraction recommended by Zatsiorsky as part of his abdominal drill not only increases the inside pressure and amplifies one's strength, it also acts as an insurance against hemorrhoids."


thanks i will try it Ron


Hemorrhoids are defined as in Dorlands Medical Dictionary:

A Varicose dilatation of a vein of the superior or inferior hemorrhiodal plexus, resulting from a persistent increase in venous pressure.

There are 4 types:
External, internal, combined, and thrombosed.

Thrombosed means there is a blood clot blocking the vein or that the vein has ruptured and there is a blood clot in the surrounding tissues. This is very painful.

The best way to avoid these is to eat enough fiber, drink alot of water, and dont spend alot of time sitting on the toilet. Get your business done and dont push to hard.

Hopefully yours will shrink up and not be a problem. If they become to large, or bleed frequently there is surgical correction.


Yes... heavy lifting without proper abdominal pressurization can cause hemorrhoids.