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Got them last year when I was not training, with suppositories they went away within a week maybe?

Started training again first week of August and changed my diet. Everything was going well, added nuts to my diet, and my stool didn't like that. Went to work on 9/1, went to the gym after, and an hour or so later I felt an external one. After dinner the same night, it felt a lot worse. I assumed it was just one external one, so I bought Prep H cream that night and applied it religiously. No real relief or reduced inflammation for the next few days, so I bought Prep H suppositories on Friday. First one in, suffice to say, it became immediately apparent that they were internal as well.

The first suppository did a great job though, because every one after that was significantly less pain. I think I had my first one Friday night, and Sat/Sun/Mon I had 3-4 a day. Slowly, the discomfort, pain, and inflammation were going away. Monday night however, there was some blood between my cheeks. Not a lot, but red and noticeable. Popped another suppository as I thought no big deal since the external hemorrhoid was no longer "full" and was shriveling.

Yesterday I had a little more blood between my cheeks, so I decided not to use any suppositories that day as maybe they were irritating them hemorrhoids and they could heal on their own. This morning I also noticed a little blood between my cheeks, but not as much. I have not seen blood in my stool at any point as well.

My question is, should I continue to let it heal naturally at this point, or should I continue to use cream/suppositories?