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Hemorrhoids/Hernia-like Symptoms Can't Be Diagnosed?


Pelvic pain and hemorrhoids/blood in stool
So this past month, I've been suffering from hernia-like symptoms in my left inguinal area, developed from a 1x5 set of heavy deadlifts without a belt and sweaty hands. I've also had hemorrhoids and a good amount of blood in my stool for the past week, although just today for the first time I didn't have any blood. I've been doing Justin Lascek's 70s Big S&C program for the past year on and off.

I've been checked out by a physician already, had an ultrasound and CT scan done, as well as a blood occult test done and nothing was found. The doc has come to the conclusion that the hemorrhoids, more specifically an internal hemorrhoid is more than likely causing the pelvic pain and bleeding. He gave me multiple topical creams and suppositories for the back end, and just told me to "take it easy" for at least a month.

Now, I really do not want to "take it easy" at all. Right now I have a prime opportunity(currently deployed in the USMC) to do some good ol" squatting and deadlifting, and to pass that up for a month I don't know if that would really do anything. I've had a history of hemorrhoids ever since I've lifted weights in high school, and I've also had seasons where I didn't lift and the hemorrhoids naturally went away. What I'm asking is, is it necessary to stop lifting for a while to avoid the hemorrhoids and bleeding, and is his diagnosis of the pelvic pain sound right? I've read into cases of what's called Athletic Pubalgia, where the athlete has hernia symptoms but nothing shows up.

Thank you for your time.


I’ve had both things happen to me in the past. Went to the ER after football practice a couple months ago (Deadlifted heavy the day before. Sumo) thinking I had testicular torsion. Turned out to be a small inguinal hernia. Perfectly fine now, set to max on DL tomorrow. As for the hemorroids, those come and go every now and then if I don’t use good breathing techniques while lifting, or when not taking proper rest days.
Honestly man, just take like a week or two off, and you should be fine. That’s what I did. If it continues, or gets worse, go back to the doctor.