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Hemorrhoids and Lifting


Hi folks,

Been working well, good progress no injuries etc… But something is making me rethink my goals. (This is probably gonna lead to some trolling but hey I’ve got thick skin, fire away).

Right… Anyone else suffering Haemorrhoids with heavy lifting? I’m in the early stages, nothing has ‘dropped’ as such but the pain/irritation is driving me crazy, affecting sleep etc and making me think perhaps lighter weights and higher reps would have less pressure down there. Squats seem to be the biggest problem. I love squats… I don’t love the pain in the ass.

Sorry for the brutal info but hey that’s how it is, does anyone know any non surgical way work around this and keep pushing heavy weight?



Don’t max out often and on all squats work on squeezing your midsection hard AF. Maybe back off a little until things return to normal too.

You can get nice and strong working with lower loads (65-85%) for reps, so why not try that and only add in the heavy loads when peaking?


Thanks for reply,

Yeah, I think that’s my only option at this stage, low reps really make the problem flare up. Hopefully I can get back to low reps in the future as that’s where I really enjoy training.

Push volume with sets and reps to make up the difference? I might be able to keep low reps on my conventional deadlifts. Really does seem to be a squat issue.

Didn’t picture this problem comin up, but hey that’s life!!


Is it all lifts or just the power lifts?


I get the feeling that I flare it up during squats (that “uh oh” feeling) and the rest of that day, night and next day will have all the pain and irritation. Then it does die down until the next squat session.

To be fair my training lately is mainly heavy squat bench and dead, the accessory stuff is pretty light.

I’m 38, was a power lineman from 16 until 3 years ago (same industry now just switching on lines instead of climbing) and worked on farm and sites growing up, I’m no stranger to hard work… Just now it makes my ass bleed lol :joy:

Appreciate advice I know it’s not a nice topic but I’m sure there’s plenty suffer in silence, and have maybe given up lifting due to it


I find some of these at home treatments are a help in dealing with this bs:

Take warm baths
up your fiber
stay hydrated
use creams for pain relief if uncomfortable (it just numbs the pain, does not have anything healing ingredients)


Definitely volume>load right now. Hell, I’ve had my best total increases from volume over load.


Have you discussed this with a doctor?


First time I dealt with this was after pulling heavy sumo. It was my fault, got sloppy on form and wasn’t bracing properly. The only advice I can offer is to really work on technique to make sure you’re not “pushing” when your form breaks down.

As others have mentioned, fiber helps. Apple a day yada yada yada.


Thanks guys.

No doctor as yet, it’s fairly recent and comes and goes depending on the workout. Hoping to train in a way that won’t cause a problem, will go to doc if permanent pain develops or I can’t shake the squat related flare ups. It’s worth a shot.


Do you get the most issues when you strain against the weight and grind?

If so, Prilepin’s table should be your friend for a while. Squat 3-4x a week, but you’ll never strain or grind and all your reps should be smooth, controlled, and somewhat quick. By quick, I don’t mean turn it into speed work, just that you should be applying a lot of force to the bar. Don’t intentionally slow the ascent like a bodybuilder.

Keeping the reps smooth and maintaining bar speed can be a challenge by the last set after doing it like this for a couple weeks. The challenge is in doing each rep perfectly and not letting your bar speed drop too much throughout the session.