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Hemoglobin Question

So I’m 34 and I’ve been on TRT since Jan 2018 my HGB hovers around 15 it’s seen 16.2 once since I’ve been doing this. I have never donated blood one time until about 3 months ago when my doc got a new nurse and she called me and said blood was getting thick I should donate and at that time my hematocrit was 49 and HGB was 15.8. Let me tell y’all I freakin hate seeing blood and passed tf out when I donated and it was such a bad experience I don’t ever want to do it again. Anyways when she called and said I should donate I didn’t question and just went but looking back on it my HGB has stayed around 15 for 2 years. I got labs back today and HGB is 15.2 and Hematocrit is 48 this stupid nurse calls and says my HGB is getting high I should donate again. Wtf is it actually high? Any input on this would be good shes got me freaked out like I’m going to stroke out if I don’t donate but my levels have been the same for 2 years.

Well, for starters, ranges help give an idea of what is “High”, and you didn’t give any. But, that being said, unless you use a lab with really weird ranges, those are not even close to high and this nurse should be ignored. I mean ignored like a hooker trying to get your attention when your wife is beside you ignored.

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Lmao that’s what I was thinking sorry for not giving ranges

HGB 13-17.9
Hematocrit 42-52

Yep, she’s on drugs or something.