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Hemoglobin Home Test Kit


just wondering if anyone has invested in one of these machines or anything similar. I think it would definitely save money in the long run, and not constantly asking your doc to check your hemo and hct is also a plus to me.

any thoughts or opinions before I purchase? Maybe there is something better out there?



Go donate blood...they check your HGB before the draw...when you are either too high (it happened to me once) you just leave...or you can just leave after the draw telling them you just realized you weren't qualified to give blood (this is not a lie, since you obviously aren't if you've been injecting steroids).


Yeah that's what ive actually been doing haha but I just feel bad doing it and i'm not sure how many more times they will tolerate it. But id rather just spend the money and eliminate all the other BS and go donate, which I probably shouldn't be doing anyway.

I actually performed a self phlebotomy on myself yesterday. It was quite easy, only took out half a pint though.

Another question, say the machine only checks hemoglobin.. Is it accurate to multiply the hemo by 3 and that gives you your hct number? Or is it more complicated?

Thanks for the reply


I can't go to donate blood knowing I will have them not use it because of AAS use...

My GF just learned to perform a phlebotomy so I should be good to go. A cup of blood at a time is enough or you go for more? I think when you donate it's 2, but I imagine in the DIY way, we don't have to bleed that much.


HGB, HCT, and RBC track each other. I don't know if there is a simple conversion between the three, but really any one of the numbers should tell you if you are in the danger zone or not. So if you are good on HGB, I wouldn't even worry about the HCT....

I remember BBB's self-phlebotomy thread here back in the day. He has more balls than I do lol

I try to go give blood every 3 months because TRT sends my HGB through the roof. Like I said, I have been too high to donate once and they sent me away. I drank a lot of water and went back the next day, and it was borderline still. No real good answer for guys that don't have it prescribed though.

I've heard doctors can prescribe phlebotomies, but I don't know how to go about convincing a doc to do that or where to even get it done.


Thanks for the reply VT, yeah I tried to get a blood script from my doc but he said he had never seen trt raise rbc which is pretty pathetic but im not gonna push the issue cause i'm sure he will just lower the dose.

Do you or anyone know where I can get phlebotomy supplies online? I want a stay flow of blood coming out, last time I just used a 20ml suringe but id rather use a vaccuum next time if possible.


Well depending on how high your hemo or crit is depends on how much you want to take out. Although i'm not sure how much it would lower it if you take out x amount of blood but 1 liter can't hurt unless you're anemic for some reason. I only took out 1 cup (half liter) because the way I did it was sub par imo and took a while, it was also with a 22g.