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Hemoglobin, Hematocrit When to Donate

What are peoples thoughts on this video saying high HB and hematocrit does not need blood donation to combat?

You Tube should ban this video. One guys the doc is dead and the other is an un educated idiot. He’s a cookbook author. What does your doctor say? Mine say go over 52% I’ll pull your script. End of story.

I’m going to agree here with Dr. Saya, “thicker fluid in the pipes = higher pressure.”

Keep hematocrit as close to 50% as humanly possible and under 54% is an absolute limit. An increases in hematocrit is non-linear and the low 50’s is where the slope starts to change and why the 54% was chosen as the cut off point for blood donations.

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When you blast how do you personally find your hct is effected. Of I’m not mistaken you have issues with needing to donate on TRT doses. At 400mg does it raise twice as fast or does it usually just climb at a consistent rate once your T gets above a certain number?

You mini blood test before starting. You donate the day you start and you mini blood test again at steady state (40days T cyp) If you are 50 or below you can keep going. After you have done this a few times you know how fast your HCT rises for a given dose.

I think it beneficial to keep in mind that we are all different, like the way we respond to all the various TRT protocols being utilized. Recently, with a hct of 55%, my BP was 120/76.

If my BP was elevated with higher hct, I would donate blood.

It’s genetic. You have to know your healthy baseline and you really don’t want to surpass that. I believe warning signals will be shown when any value is to high. Like hct and high blood pressure or high e2 and sides. That’s why you need an intelligent doc.

I’m in the same boat as Highpull. HCT 55, HB 18, RBC 6.8. But a few important markers are normal or low: Platlets - 256, MCV 82, EPO 8.2, blood pressure 110/70. I feel no side effects whatsoever, if anything I feel better with a higher HCT. Pre TRT HCT was 44-46.