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Hemochromotisis, T Replacement, and Labs

tl;dr: I need to switch to a new doc, and doc wants to see “baseline” so wants to see labs taken two weeks post injection. I’m also taking thyroid medication, and ferritin was high on past two blood tests. New Dr. thinks it might be due to too-high T despite Hematocrit not being high (also tested positive for two copies of H63D mutation, but doc still not sold on hemochromotosis).


  1. Is two weeks really enough for T-cyp to clear my body?
  2. Is it common for high T to cause high iron even with normal hematocrit?
  3. New doc says HCG not needed if things are “balanced” correctly, that nuts won’t shrivel. Is there anything to that?

I’m worried I’ll have to lower my T dose more than I’d prefer.

Current Protocol:
200 mg T-Cyp every 10 days, broken into two doses
1/2 tablet Aromasis taken per T dose
HCG 2-3x weekly
50 mcg Levothyroxine daily

Most recent labs with old doc (Labcorp):

TSH 1.940 uIU/ML (0.450-4.50 range) (Was 4.99 on prior labs before starting medicine)
T4, Free 1.15 ng/dL (0.82-1.77 range). (was 1.09 on prior labs)
Hemoglobin 15.4 g/dL. (13-17.7)
Hematocrit. 44.7 %. (37.5-51)
T total 1006.6. (264-916)
Free T. 22.9. (6.8-21.5)
E2 21 (7.6-42.6)
Ferritin. 462 ng/mL. (30-400 range)

I would recommend another doctor because this one is clueless. It will take a minimum 4-6 weeks for the exogenous T to clear out of your system, and it could take little longer for your HPTA to restart.

Based on your labs, it’s easy to figure out the problem pre-treatment, your SHBG must have been really high binding up most of your useable T (Free T), this is why you need levels above the reference ranges to have sufficient Free T levels.

Your doctor doesn’t need baseline labs, what he needs is an education in hormones.

Diseases, inflammation and hyperthyroidism can elevate ferritin above the reference ranges.

This isn’t the best protocol with regards to the injection frequency, T should be injected no less than once weekly, some need more frequency. If you feel fine, that you are in the minority.

When were these labs taken in relation to your injection?

Depends, I’ve seen some guys tank their levels at two weeks post injection, one guy was at 800 3.5 days post injection, and at 350 7 days post injection. But, four weeks would probably be better.

More likely the other way around.

Doubt it. Some guys report minimal testicular atrophy, but labs levels are in line with those to report more noticeable atrophy.

Your new doctor sounds like an imbecile. He’s wrong about clearance time for testosterone and he’s wrong about HCG.

So 100mg every 5 days?