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Hemochromatosis, Low FT, High SHBG and Hypothyroidism


I appreciate any thoughts, ideas or help I can get. I value this site and I have learned a lot over the years but, I am still very ignorant and have a lot to learn.

**I apologize for all the info but, i wanted to provide as much color as possible

Narrative: Through adolescence I have always tended to be estrogen dominant. This was obvious due to my gyno during puberty. I also had a fair amount of acne from middle school until the end of high school. Despite my slight inclination to estrogen dominance I was always fairly strong (T follows E?). I have always been pretty healthy until now.

In 2010 I started a Ketogenic diet with a pretty intense fat loss workout. The diet consisted of mostly oils (evoo, macadamia nut, walnut etc) and lean fish/meats. I lost about 40 pounds in 2-3 months time and was very lean. At this point I added a fat burner to burn off the weight I was having trouble losing. After about 6 months I stopped the workout routine but, kept the diet except allowing my self more cheat days. I would say in late 2010 to early 2011 I started noticing problems with my sleep so I cut back in the gym but, that didn�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??t help. Soon after I noticed issues with my libido and morning wood disappearing, during this time I had seen 3-4 doctors and 1 endo, I was offered, ambien, Prozac and Viagra. So needless to say I stopped going to the doctors and started to do some research. I didnt have insurance at the time so I was not in a good position to get labs done consistently. I started on a fairly generic supplement protocol with vitamin d3 and iodine and other stress relief type supplements (adaptogens, minerals, vitamins etc). After 8 months of trying this approach I had all but, given up and continued with just your regular multi.

Fast forward to 2014 I was tired of suffering and was finally in a better financial situation to do as much as I could do to figure out what was going on. I am weaker and fatter than I have ever been before in my life. I started back at several doctors and requested labs but, they wouldnt give me what I requested so I decided I would do things through LEF.

Age- 30
Height- 6'1"
Waist- 37"
Weight- 240

Body and Facial Hair - Minimal arm and leg hair, very sparse and minimal chest hair except around the areola. Facial hair is not very thick but, enough to notice a 5' oclcok shadow

Where you carry fat and how changed? I carry fat around my hips and chest, as well as the stomach. Within the past 3 years I have had a significant increase in fat storage on my chest. My legs and arms which are traditionally lean have gotten very soft and my legs are carrying more fat.

Health conditions, symptoms - No pre-existing health conditions, as a teenager I had gyno (more than normal fat storage on my chest). Over the course of the past 3 years, I have zero libido, erections arent hard and dont last very long, very little motivation for anything, intensity of orgasm's have plummeted, fat in my chest has gotten worse, anxiety has increased, foggy memory, mixing up words, sleep has been extremely inconsistent with waking up every couple of hours throughout the night (usually wake up 4-6 times a given night), occasional heart palpitations, frequent urination, cold hands and feet (whats bizarre is that my hands and feet get cold around the same time everyday around 10am and 2pm and then again around 7pm and then they warm up after about an hour or so), mild hypertension (140/85), also sebaceous dermatitis returned and this time it was not only in my hair but, on my face around my nose. In addition, I noticed high Iron in my labs and requested a full iron workup and Hemochromatosis genetic testing. I tested positive for Hemochromatosis with more info in my labs regarding specific genes found. I have been on therapeutic phlebotomies for about 6 weeks until my Ferritin, Serum = 50 (currently at 203).

Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever- Not currently taking Rx or any OTC, current supplement protocol is towards the end of the post.

Describe Diet? My current diet (since July) is more paleo. Organic meats (not eating Red Meat at the moment See Health Conditions, Symptoms = Hemochromatosis), no fish, organic veggies, organic squash/gourds, eggs, coconut oil, red palm oil, evoo, unpasteurized grass fed cheese, grass fed cow butter, plain almonds, natural nut butters.

Describe Training? I took a long break for training because I had zero energy and motivation in the mornings. In July 2014 I started back in the gym doing 40 mins of incline walking and light stationary bike. Starting in September I started to add some weight training, only one major exercise a day with one assistance exercise. Reps and sets usually 4x5-8

Testes ache, ever, with a fever? Never have had these symptoms

How have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed?? Maybe once a month but, basically non-existent.


Hered. Hemochromatosis, DNA AFFECTED (C282Y and C282Y)
Differential Comment Verified by microscopic examination Atypical Lymphocytes
RBC Comment RBC's Normal
Platelet Comment Adequate

MRI Abdominal The liver is normal in size but diffusely decreased in signal intensity compatible with increased iron deposition and hemochromatosis. No focal hepatic lesion is identified. The spleen is borderline enlarged. There is no evidence of ascites. All other organs in the abdomen appear normal in mass/size.

I am now seeing a Doctor who is probably the best Doctor in the area for this type of issue (Dr. Bruce Rind). He requested the labs above that are dated 10/3. However, my new doctor believes that I poisoned myself by doing a NON-Organic ketogenic diet. I brought up over-training coupled with this diet and he said over-training is possible but, the main culprit was a NON-Organic diet. I have been eating non-organic my whole life, and the ketogenic diet I did was probably the cleanest I had eaten (tons of green veggies, clean oils etc.). I will admit he was right about not having enough fat(animal) in my diet at that time but, I still feel that it is important to note over-training as an equal culprit. In addition he did not really think the values of my cortisol saliva test were very important (but, I think it is a huge deal).

My labs significantly changed from July 2014 to October 2014 and I cant exactly understand why. I have been eating better, exercising, supplementing etc. I would have at least thought they would remain stagnant but, now everything seems out of wack.

So my take on the labs

TSH increased due to iodine since July. After July Labs I dosed at 50mg for about two weeks and now I am taking a maintence dose of 12mg EOD (maybe I should switch to taking idone every two weeks?). I havent read a whole lot of info regarding iodine increasing TSH but, from what I have seen its a non-issue and is pretty typical? Morning temps are low and afternoon are low(see temp chart above). Obviously adrenals play into this and the RT3 would be indicative of tissue resistance to FT3. (crap metabolism) Doctor is waiting on LH to determine pituitary function so no direction given for thyroid assistance. Im thinking T3 but, I dont think he is on board.

Calcitriol (1,25 di-OH Vit D) - I dont know if I fully understand this yet, I have done some research and I have a general sense of what may be going on. Because of my low Vitamin D levels which resulted in parathyroid hormone production resulted in the elevated Calcitriol levels. Doctor is still not sure if there is underlying lyme or chronic infection.

SHBG due to my decent TT levels(not great but, at least within range), it appears as though the SHBG is one cause for lower free T due to it binding to Testosterone. I dont quite understand why this would go from being very good in July, to now being high in my October tests? Doctor didnt address this really, he is more concerned about my Total E for some reason.

Total Estrogen I know that E2 is more important and the more active of the estrogens but, would this be evidence of not being able to clear E? Can some of that E be converted back into E2 or could the total estrogen impact SHBG by causing it to be binded even more with estrogens? Not even sure if this test is really that important but, it is high. Doctor wants to start with an AI to bring down my total estrogens which I dont think it will at all, pretty sure AIs dont impact total E.

DHEA looks to be on the low side but, wont supplement unless taking something to keep estrogen in check.

Estradiol Given my low free T and the Estradiol numbers its obvious that I am estrogen dominant. I think Estradiol could be even higher if my Free T was up, this is of concern to me. If any measures are taken to increase free T (HCG?) I will definitely be on a low dose (.5mg) per week of an AI. Doctor doesnt seem to think my Estradiol is high, I tried to tell him that given how low my T is once T goes up Estradiol will shoot up too. I know this is going to happen but, he doesnt think its a problem as long as T is up.

Glucose: Prior to any of the labs, I have either been in a fasting state or ate a very low carb lunch which would consist of meat and veggies only. With glucose over 90 on each test there appears to be some insulin resistance, perhaps this is stemming from the issues with my cortisol and thryoid function (overall metabolism issue). This may also explain the frequent urination.

Current Supplements:
Metagenics Wellness Essentials Multi-vitamin ED
Vitamin D3 10000iu ED
Flameout 9 pills ED
Curcumin 1 pill ED
Inflammase 1 pill ED
Green Tea Extract 1 pill ED
Wilsons Adrenal Stress Formula 2 pills ED
Dr. Lam Liponano COQ10 1TBL ED
Magnesium Glyciate 400mg ED
Zinc Picolate 30mg ED
Oregacillin 1 pill ED
Probiophage 1 pill ED
Pro em -1 1 tablespoon will increase to 3
Nopal Cactus 5g ED
Ashwagandha 1 pill ED
Herbal sleeping pill (valerian root, passion flower, etc.) 1 pill ED
I-Throid (iodine supp) 12.5 mg EOD
Selenium 200mcg ED
NOW TMG 2 tablets ED

*updated labs on 10/15/2014 to add LH and recent Iron level info
**The OP will be updated with all new labs


Update 10/16/2014

Talked with Doc, reviewed LH and determined that because of my LH being on the low side, he suspects issues with pituitary due to mold (yeast/fungal) and unusual anaerobic activity in the gut. He also believes this is the reason for the elevated Total E.

He wants me to clean the gut and take Arimidex at 1mg a week. He believes the Arimidex will lower my Total Estrogens (which is false) but, regardless I will not be dosing this high, will start with .25mg EOD and try to get my E2 levels closer to 22 even though they are already low because of my low T.

For the thyroid, he doesn’t want to prescribe me anything except taking T100 which is basically a natural thyroid support formula which he believes is better than T3 itself. Will at least give it a go and see how I feel.

A SERM could possibly bump up T but, not sure I want to go that route. Should I consider or no?

Any ideas as to why shbg is so high and free t so low?

My iron levels have fallen quite a bit, should i consider having another phlebotomy?

Thanks for your time and help!


Make sure that none of your supplements have added iron.

I think that your system was damaged by the starvation diet, we see that often enough and there is your history of things not been normal. So a bad combo.

I agree that liver might not be clearing estrogens properly and/or adverse gut flora may be recycling estrogen metabolites in liver bile back into estrogens that then are reabsorbed. A good probiotic should be used continuously for a while.

Any digestive issues or food sensitivities.

You need LH and FSH labs, LH itself is not adequate.

You have hypothyroidism!
Read the thyroid basics sticky. Check your body temperatures. Did your iodine replenishment raise body temps or affect how you feel?
fT3=2.3 should be near 3.2!
fT3 is what gets the job done.
You may need thyroid meds. Your body simply cannot work right the way things are now.
Please post your temperatures.
Were you iodine deficient before IR, not using iodized salt continuously for years?

Read the advice for new guys stick and the the one on things damage your hormones.

Anastrozole should be a game changer. Hopefully lower E2 and improved fT will over time lower SHBG.

Your morning cortisol is very low. Note issues re stress in the stickies.

Do you have selenium in your supplements?

With those hematocrit numbers, I don’t see a need for phlebotomy from a blood flow point of view. I don’t really understand what to do with the lab numbers relative to Hemochromatosis or how soft tissues like the liver are affected.


Non that I am aware of.

Most recent LH and FSH labs are as follows
LH 4.8 mIU/mL 1.7-5.6
FSH 2.9 mIU/mL 1.5-12.4

I dosed at 50mg for two weeks and dosed at 12mg daily, TSH went above 8. Temps at this time were up 98-98.4 in the afternoon, I didn’t feel any better, I actually felt worse (more anxiety and heart palpatations). New Doc told me to stop taking Iodine for two weeks and restart with only 1-2mg daily. What are your thoughts?

Temps are at the bottom of the labs in the OP. Putting most recent temps here.
Week of 10/1/2014
Morning 97.2 96.8 96.8 97 97.1
Afternoon 97.8 97.6 97.9 97.5 97.8

I am pretty positive I was deficient before IR.

Yes. Taking 200mcg daily at this time.

Currently taking several supplements to heal the gut. Will be testing all the major hormones again in 3-4 weeks. Doctor did not want to prescribe thyroid meds but, told me to take T100(thyroid support formula)

In addition, I have read the sticky’s and have been taking temps pretty frequently :slight_smile:


Hemochromatosis. My mother had that and her doctor had her give blood once a month for about 2 years to get over it. The blood was not used for anything, just properly disposed. She was told it could cause liver cancer if untreated, and before treatment she had to have a liver biopsy as a precaution. Her doctor told her she had taken excessive iron supplements over the years and that the condition is found in people with northern European ancestry. Great to hear you have reduced the iron in your system. My mother was advised to never take iron again, to the point of using only bottled water free of any impurities. She lived to be 90.

As an aside, I have learned over the years that children of such persons have a greater risk of some form of lupus.

I’d ask KSman some more questions, and I would certainly go see a hematologist.


Yes, you should reduce your iodine intake now. IR clearly has not resolved your body temperatures. If current fT3 levels were adequate and body temps low, we would be looking for rT3 that might be keeping fT3 out of your cells. But fT3 is low, and that is the apparent problem. You might feel better with Rx T3.

When women stop having periods, they can be at risk of iron overload.


Thanks for all the replies.

@Biker, when it was discovered that I was “Affected” I went to a hematologist, and they suggested the therapeutic phlebotomies to lower my serum ferritin from 700 to 40. I think 40 is too low, especially with my current issues. I also never had any issues with iron overload prior to this, so I am thinking the two are related.

Clearly some imbalances in my system which have “turned on” this gene which was not expressed until maybe the past year or two. Never had health issues or symptoms of iron overload prior to all the health related issues I am having today from my hormonal imbalance.

@KSman, thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my thread.

After IR, i noticed a slight uptick in temp but, not a lot, consistently at 97 after IR whereas prior to IR I was consistently 96-5-96.8. I am sure I would feel better on an RX of T3, Doc won’t prescribe at this point. I will follow his guidelines but, will consider getting it on my own if levels dont change in a month or two. Have read some info on circadian dosing which might help “Wake up” the adrenals and hopefully clear out T4 and RT3 from any tissues. I had a feeling that t3 was one of the main issues, along with adrenal insufficiency and estrogen dominance; you confirmed this for me.

Other than the current list of supplements, anything else I should consider for my adrenals (DHEA)? I tried isoCort in the past without much luck and I’ve tried taking the adrenal glandulars, nothing seemed to really add much benefit. This is why I was thinking of dosing T3 via circadian rhythm as I have read it helps with adrenal insufficiency.


New lab values below and in OP, i included previous labs for comparison sake:

    11/17/2014	10/3/2014	Ranges

Total T _______763_________538___________348-1197
Free T _______11.3________7.5___________8.7-25.1
Total E _______126_________139___________40-115
Estrone _______62__________55____________22-72
E2 _______23.6________26.8__________7.6-42.6
FSH _______4.5_________2.9___________1.5-12.4
LH _______5.4_________4.8___________1.7-8.6
SHBG ____71.6________55.8__________16.5-55.9
TSH 2.85________4.98
FT3 ____3.1_________2.3___________2-4.4
FT4 1.37________1.18
RT3 _______21.6________23.1__________9.2-24.1

Current RX: .25mg AI EOD
Supplments: same as OP with addition of more liver and gut support

My thoughts:

Total T is up, I believe this is due to diet, weight loss, AI, and zinc (probably zinc deficient). Free T up but, thats due to the AI, bumping up the AI dose slightly to hopefully bring E2 closer to 20. New dose is around .35mg EOD, will test at month end to see where I am at. Still puzzled at Total E, it has gone down but only slightly. Does it take a while for the body to clear stored estrogen? Wondering if the remaining fat I have is still elevating Total E, along with gut dysbiosis. Estrone also up but, total E down, not sure on this one, either way Estrone is on the higher end of the scale. FSH is nice and I am happy this number has climbed, hopeing for slightly better number as my fitness/health/weight improves (along with the other numbers). LH is decent too. I am concerned about SHBG and my doctor doesnt really know whats going on with this. Would total T drive up SHBG? I always thought it would do the opposite? Maybe its the fact that total E is still high and now total T is high which is driving up SHBG? More info would be helpful here. Thyroid labs looking better but RT3 not moving and body temps have confirmed cellular uptake of t3 is poor. More on this below.

My progress:

I feel better, much more energy, I have nocturnal erections almost every night, sleep is a little better but, not much better, erections are still not as hard but, I find myself thiking a little bit more about sex (more than before at least). I have lost about 25lbs so far and more consitent in the gym.

My plan:

I will continue with my current workout routine, supplement plan and diet. I am adding in TMG and herbal liver support. I am already taking a probiotic, prebiotic, digestive enzyme, ox bile, feremented veggies, raw milke cheese, and sheeps yogurt, hoping this to heal the gut overtime. I really think that the liver and stomach need repariing and more support so i am supplementing accordingly, hoping this helps in clearing Estrogens. Continue with AI bumping up dose to around .35mg EOD to see if that gets me around 20. Doctor prescribed Slow Release T3 so I am happy about that. He seems to be willing to give me whatever I want. I was hoping to get regular T3 as I wanted to dose via circadian rhythm but, I am just happy to have any T3 to try at this point. I also have some regular T3 coming but, not sure when it’ll get here. I think slow release might just do the trick as I seem to be iimproving and once i clear RT3, I feel everything will fall in line. My remaining big ? is SHBG and estrogens.

Any thoughts on labs, my strategy etc? I would interested to hear more info on my results as my doctor seems to be as knowledgable as I am when reviewing labs (which isn’t much more than a basic underestanding haha)…thanks for any help and insight, it is truly appreciated!


Most labs here only look at E2, so we don’t have a collective experience with these numbers or your situation. Your total E is higher as is SHBG and that makes sense. But why is total E high? Don’t know, but you seem to be exploring the different possibilities and taking reasonable actions.

rT3 is a problem. Starvation can increase SHBG and rT3.

TT looks great, FT is low. SHBG is high and T+SHBG is pumping up your TT and your high TT is misleading. If your FT was higher, that would tend to reduce SHBG. T+SHBG is not bio-available. T+SHBG can also be increased if the liver is not clearing it properly. So there are two hints of liver action.

So TRT could decrease SHBG, but with your TT, very very few docs would go there.

We do not know what role your thyroid levels have in these T,E and SHBG issues. If I were you, I would experiment with T3 dosing using my body temperatures as a guide. Ideally, your T3 dose would drive down T4 levels then there would be less T4–>rT3. Thyroid function does affect all systems in your body.


Thank you for taking the time to review my updates and provide feedback. The information you provided is very informative and useful.

In reading the wiki link (thanks for that), I don’t beleive the elevated shbg is due to starvation. I beleive its more than likely estrogen but, who knows, it could be. I just feel as though my diet is dialed in pretty well but, I should really look at counting calories just to make sure i am getting adequate food.

I completely agree with fixing the the thyroid first. I have been convinced now that many of my issues are stemming from my horrid cellular response to T3. I have wanted to give T3 a shot for about a year now, as I firmly believe that it will help with many of my issues. If, at the very least, I hope T3 can help eliminate some of the guesswork that is involved with the countless variables when attempting to correct hormonal imbalances.

Thanks again for always providing helpful feedback.


Updated lab results below with previous lab for comparison:

_1/10/2015___11/17/2014 Ranges
Total T __986_________763___________348-1197
Free T __10.2________11.3___________8.7-25.1
Total E __97_________126___________40-115
Estrone ___41__________62____________22-72
E2 ______29.2________23.6__________7.6-42.6
FSH __4.7_________4.5___________1.5-12.4
LH 6.2_________5.4___________1.7-8.6
SHBG 110.8________71.6__________16.5-55.9
TSH .052________2.85
FT3 13.3_________3.1___________2-4.4
RT3 _____8.8________21.6__________9.2-24.1

My thoughts:

My SHBG is through the roof now, I wonder if this has to do with the increase in FT3 and the decrease of TSH? I know people hyper can also have elevated SHBG but, I am not feeling hyper at the moment. TT is very high but likely due to it being bound by SHBG. My total estrogen is down significantly and I am not sure whether this is misleading due to SHBG. Is it possible that total e is also being bound by SHBG thus giving a misleading result? Or does it just bind to E2?

My e2 is up but i am not sure if this is becaues of the time i took the test was around when i take my next dose but, i wanted to wait until after the blood work. I am having mixed feelings about this lab, I am really stumped with SHBG and how to fix it. I also am hoping that my total e is down, and not just down becaues it is being binded by SHBG.

I have been on a fairly low carb diet (<150g), I wonder if that my have an impact at all on SHBG?

My progress:

Other than weight loss I haven’t felt any different. I lack any sexual desires, still having ED problems and its starting to impact my life more now. T3 doesnt seem to be helping at all, not sure if its due to a dose not high enough or not but, will experiment more with that.

My plan:

I am kind of lost at this point. I feel like I am doing everything I need to do but, just can’t seem to get better. If anyone knows a good docotor in the DC/MD/VA area please respond in the thread with any leads/names. I don’t beleive that my current doctor has what it takes to help me and I feel like I am running out of options in terms of doctors. Thanks for any feedback or insight you can provide based on my latest labs.


Headed to new doctor next month, hoping to get more help. Any insight to my previous labs/post?

The more I am thinking about it, the more i think it is adrenals. When i started working out my shbg went up significantly. I believe that I had read low coritsol can correlate to high shbg? Coupled with a low carb diet which I am changing, hoping to see some differences there.


Updated lab results below with previous lab for comparison:

_1/10/2015___3/3/2015 Ranges
Total T __986_________730___________348-1197
Free T __10.2________10.5___________8.7-25.1
Total E __97_____________________40-115
Estrone ___41_______________________22-72
E2 29.2________28.1__________7.6-42.6
FSH 4.7______________________1.5-12.4
LH 6.2______________________1.7-8.6
SHBG 110.8________60.4__________16.5-55.9
TSH .052________2.1
FT3 13.3_________2.7___________2-4.4
RT3 _____8.8____________________9.2-24.1

Seeing a new doc now but, he seems more TRT driven. I am not really happy with his proposed protocol but will give it a go. He wants to start me on Nolva @ 20mg EOD with danzazol to lower shbg and increase free T. I think if there are any benefits from this it will be minor. Cortisol looked surprisingly good and I am more confused now. T3 only treatment didnt really do much for me and now on to this strategy, though my gut feeling is that fixing test won’t do much to help in the long run. I hope I am wrong but, this strategy seems to contradict everything I have read. For some reason I still this is all coritisol related, might consider pregnalone?

Is it smart for me to try this approach (nolva danazal)? Just wondering what to expect on Nolva given I a lean more estro dominant. Stopping AI prior to nolva and t3 meds have been weened. Would appreciate any input before I start this strategy. Thanks for any help!


New lab results same story…

Currently on 20mg eod nolva and 5 mg ed of danazol…

I added in progesterone and aldosterone just to see what these might be like because I know that i have some form of adrenal insufficiency. I also feel like I urinate frequently so i was curious to see what aldosterone might be (though not sure if blood or saliva is more accurate here?) I am thinking about going back to treating thyroid but, supplementing with HC. Running out of options at this point and i think this is what I need. Morning temps still 96.8-97.0 and afternoon around 97.8. Thinking NDT + HC.

Current doc doesnt test for free t but uses tt, e2 and shbg to determine:

TT 631 (348-1197ng/dl)
Aldosterone, LCMS Serum 9.9 (0-30ng/dl)
Estradiol, Sensitive 30 (8-35pg/mL)
Progesterone .7 (.2-1.4 ng/mL)
SHBG 41.9 (16.5-55.9 nmol/L)

It appears SHBG went down, possibly from danazol? Not sure why current doc doesnt want to control e2, something i will be controlling and monitoring now given that its top of the ref range. Back to AI for me… Thyroid labs pointless at this point given temps and history. Any insight on my last two posts? Thanks in advance for any help…




Any update? I’m sailing in the same boat, good TT, very low FT. Confused as to what to do? TRT is an option but still high SHBG remains a concern.


I started eating more carbs and it seemed to lower my SHBG. I feel like I am having less stress in my life now which may have helped as well. It also may have just been when i tested as SHBG can fluctuate quite a bit. However, last two results were pretty good so hoping that is a sign. Still not really sure why Iron continues to be something I struggle to keep down despite avoiding high iron foods.

Overall, I feel that my health has improved slightly but, still not normal. Still looking for adequate doctor in my area and still searching for a remedy. Good luck and please share any insight you have regarding this. I am always trying to learn.


Can you share your labs please? How much did your SHBG drop, and what’s the difference in FT from before ?


Hey mate,

I have been trying to get in contact with a bunch of guys who are having troubles with testosterone. I am in a pretty similar boat and my iron is also messed up. I have no real ideas on how to help yet but we can work on it together.



Interesting concept.
Increased FT will help reduce SHBG [TRT can do the same].
Anastrozole is needed. E2=30 is too high for you.


Muthrows - what’s the latest on your health?

You may want to call Dr Comunale in McLean VA. Brilliant doctor who correctly diagnosed my mother’s thyroid issue when every other doctor got it wrong.

Read reviews on him - he’s a little peculiar but I love the guy. Was our family doctor when we lived in NoVA years ago. I too am trying to figure out my issues. Live in North Atlanta, 49, always had subpar T levels, inherited hemochromatosis from my dad and donate blood every 2 months to keep iron levels in tact. Just had first Test cyp 200 mg/ml injection (150 mg) about 10 days ago and it whacked me out (brain felt like I had a concussion, light headed, dizzy, rubbery legs). Head doesn’t feel swollen but now I just feel high anxiety, shortness of breath, dizzy). Had more tests run this past Wednesday and hope to have them back in a day or two. Plan to inject 50mg sq tomorrow morning (will do 50 mg twice per week).