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I have developed a hematoma (golf ball size) a week ago on my shin unrelated to my androgen use. It is not healing as fast as I would have thought. Is it possible the gear I am using is affecting this? I was filling in for a friend on her beach volleyball team and was bumped by someones heal against my shin. Everything was fine until the next morning when I had a softball size lump on my shin. I went to the hospital and the x-rays came back negative. Since then the swelling has gone down to a golf ball size lump but my entire leg from my knee to my ankle has turned dark purple. I am going back to the doc today but was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. Thanks.

wouldnt androgens make it heal faster?

Shin hematomas can be periosteal–meaning the bleeding lies between the bone itself and the tough layer covering the bone, the periosteum. These can often take a long time to heal, and hurt like stink. Worse yet when you scrape a heavy deadlift against the swollen shin. Get it checked though.

Don’t wanna scare you or anything, but I got a hematoma on my hip when I was 8yrs old (am now 20), and it has never COMPLETELY healed. Basically, I can still feel a small lump there if I run my hand over it, and the skin where it happened is still discolored.