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Hematocrit vs Hemoglobin


Hemoglobin vs Hematocrit what is the difference? Can one be high with out the other being high? I have gotten blood down from time to time bc hemoglobin was 17.4 or so…when I go to the bloood bank to have iron checked is that the same as Hematocrit?


Good question I could google it, but not gonna do your job for you haha :slight_smile:


Hemoglobin is an iron containing protein in red blood cells. The hematocrit is the percentage or volume of red blood cells in the blood.

Yes. But, with TRT, they generally elevate together.

No. They’re checking hemoglobin.


Thanks but the way one lowers Hematocrit is donating blood correct? The same as hemoglobin…


That’s one way. If dehydrated, staying hydrated will lower it.


I have only had my hemoglobin checked. Never my Hematocrit. Freaking out a bit :flushed:


Don’t freak out. I heard guys who have high Hematocrit on TRT start sweating and can’t breathe. When they give blood it’s like a weights been lifted off there chest. Literally.

If your in a trt dose like 100mg to 200mg you probably aren’t going to keel over and die from high hematocrit. Maybe prolonged neglect could and you’d have side effects. Just be glad your looking into it and can adjust as needed. If it is high, then your body is simply throwing warning signs saying “ I can’t handle this much T bro”… drop it a bit please… :slight_smile:



Gave blood today

hemoglobin 17.4

Hematocrit 52%

So freaking dizzy :woozy_face:.

I feel good that I Cuaght the issue.

I have to coach tonight hope I don’t pass out


Don’t freak out. I freaked myself out for no reason. My hemoglobin was 18.9 and hematocrit 58.4. On 100 mg test e. But I had no symptoms. Still don’t. Hematocrit changes daily. Within 3 days I was down to 53. Depends if you get blood work done during your peak or trough. In Canada our tests are free. So I did many. It changes all the time. Also hydration affects it.


What were your symptoms? A number on your lab? Everyone’s different but for most 52 is not an issue. Haha feel worse after giving blood than before…