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Hematocrit to High After Being on TRT for a Year

I have been on 100mg test cyp a week for a little over a year with great results… 2 weeks ago during my check up my blood pressure was 140/110 " I’ve never had problems with hypertension " so they did an early blood level check and my hemoglobin was 19 and hematocrit was 59! They told me to stop injecting the test immediately put me on high blood pressure meds and got one unit of blood removed for therapeutic phlebotomy … And told me not start trt again until my blood levels normalize …

Any body been through this and know how long that can take? I feel horrible going over 2 weeks no test I’m not on Hcg either I asked my doctor that put me on test after reading about it and he said he dose not prescribe Hcg for that. My general doctor wants me to stop all together… He put me on it originally then transferred me to a urologist who told me therapeutic phlebotomy every 3 months might be an option but has not ordered it for me…

I had cancer “lymphoma” so I can’t just donate with out a doctors order. I don’t want to stop and revert back to feeling like shit if it can be managed with phlebotomy … With only one unit of blood removed how long be fore I return to normal from 59 hematocrit level… My bp Is already back in normal range…

Hydrate the day before and drink about 1.5L of water from the time you wake up until your tests to ensure no portion of the result is due to dehydration.

Thanks man I’ll try that before I get my next blood test . I know I do have a problem with dehydration that has probably helped my hematocrit climb that high . When I had cancer they did intestinal surgery on me that caused me to have diarrhea for the rest of my life.

I’m on meds for that as well but they do not work all that great… So I guess I May need to start hydrating even more than normal

A lot of fluids can be lost via GI so that is certainly a factor.

Also, avoid caffeine the morning of the test because it will cause the kidneys to remove water from your blood.

You should be hydrating to the point that urination becomes more frequent but not enough to cause water overload(potentially fatal).

You should be doing some labs that are iron centric. Can you obtain and post all labs with ranges?

You might need to avoid any iron fortified foods/supplements.

Fish oil and aspirin will improve blood flow which is impaired with high HTC.

Injecting once a week creates T spikes that might may your PV worse that with smoother T levels. If you try lower dose T later on, inject twice a week or EOD, see the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.

Yeah I’ve been taking fish oil for a while and just started low dose aspirin after I found out how high my blood pressure had become a few weeks ago… I do have my labs ill try to post them tonight after this cowboys vs lions play off game lol

Get some blood drained off and you will feel better and that perspective will motivate you.