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Hematocrit Questions

I was wondering if it is only people that do actual AAS cycles(really high testosterone per week) get high hematocrit and are at risk for heart attacks?

I’m only taking 150mg/wk for TRT and I’ve been having shortness of breath and chest pains. This has been alarming to me, so I’m wondering if such a low weekly dose can get hematocrit to dangerous levels?

My doc wants to check my hematocrit levels, but not for a few months, and I’m really worried right now.

Check your blood pressure.

We can be more helpful if you place this in your existing thread where there might be some background info.

Yes it can make it very high. My level get up to 20 all the time and I give blood every 4-5 weeks. My Doc freaks out and says that you can have a stroke. I have been searching everywhere to find out what is the DANGER level is, but so far I haven’t