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Hematocrit: How High is Life Threatening?

Yup getting it checked tomorrow. The Wednesday have app with endo. Went to a walk in clinic today and the doc seemed pretty cool and unimpressed saying that these ranges aren’t detrimental in testosterone guys the sane way they are in people with Polycythemia vera.

Really slam the water tonight and tomorrow morning. You want to be super hydrated. That will help your HCT measurement. Lets hope the lab made a mistake like bmbrady77 said.
Good luck I am very glad to read you are going to retest.

My HCT has been very high and my Asian doctor was so worried and convinced me to do a blood let. 90 days later, my hct is back at 56.

I still haven’t proven this yet, but I want to take a HCT test in the afternoon after a normal day of drinking water and see if the number changes.

Here are today’s labs. Hematocrit went down 5 points in 2 days??

I don’t see that. 54% to 53.8%? Your ferritin dropped further. Have to get to the bottom of that.

Dropped a few points. Possibly cause I’ve had 3 blood tests in 6 days?

See at the top. Last Wednesday hct was 54 then 3 dats later this past Saturday it was 58.4, and now today it’s 53.8

Some of that might just be lab error. We all would like to think these blood testing labs have a 0.0001% accuracy but that is just not so. In many cases kids paid minimum wage run these tests.

You are still not out of the woods. Your ferritin has pretty much crashed. You can’t donate blood and your HCT is way too high.

52% OK you will live but you need to cut your T dose by 30% to 50% until it gets back below 50
54% Now blood banks will not take your free donations and you have to pay.
58% if that was correct you are lucky to be alive.
You know big muscles and a hard dick is not worth dying for.

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I don’t think anyone’s dying at 58 hct. There’s guys on excel forum claiming 61 hct. Seems to go up and down in relation to free testosterone.

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I’ve done all I can do here. Nelson Vergils guys can fix you right up. Best of luck to you.
I’m out.

There were tons of pro cyclists back in the day with Hct in the high 50s… When they were dosing allot. They would try to stay below 60 because many were dying with high doses of EPO.

There are stories of guys waking up middle of the night to do pushups becuSs their blood was so thick. True stories.

These guys were under care of dr Ferrari or ferraTi or something. A genius sports doc who provided the peds to his cyclist clientele. He paid very close attention to their blood work and etc. second figure was eight before the Tour de France started.

Here are some values from the Gewiss Ballan team which was heavily involved with EPO: This was well before the 50% rule.
December 15, 1994 to the second figure which was taken on May 24, 1995.

Vladislav Bobrik (Rus) : 42.7 to 53
Bruno Cenghialta (Ita): 37.2 to 54.5
Francesco Frattini (Ita) : 46 to 54
Giorgio Furlan (Ita) : 38.8 to 51
Nicola Minali (Ita) : 41.7 to 54
Piotr Ugrumov (Rus) : 32.8 to 60
Alberto Volpi (Ita) : 38.5 to 52.6

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Very interesting. How does one feel when their blood is too thick?

Stay calm brother. There’s not much you can do but work on a solution.

I believe those cyclists with too high would sleep and their heart would stop because it was too much stress to pump the thick blood. You can guess the pain. I don’t think they knew what was coming, otherwise they would of gotten help.

I shared the info above about the athletes so that it might calm ya a bit. These guys ran high levels 3 months every year. You can see their base levels and then the levels they held for 3 months. Ofcourse these guys were rediculously fit endurance athletes and that probably helped. I think 1% of the cyclists who were on EPO had the death issue. And it was probably because they went over 60.

Definitely find a good TRT doc man. You don’t need some doc who knows nothing about TRt screw with your system further.

You need someone to care for you not just prescribe.

Let us know what happens

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My fault, I just looked at the original. Makes me think dehydration or inconsistent lab testing for the 58. They don’t take that much blood to drop it much. Unless you’re experiencing symptoms, you’ll be fine. It’s not polycythemia.

This could also have aggravated things. I was taking 6800-10000 IU’s a day!


I wouldn’t take over 5K iu a day long term. Vit D builds up over time and increases the blood calcium levels. Not good and very hard on the kidneys!!

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This is interesting…because my doc had always tried to get me to keep my ferritin below a 100. He says that no one with ferritin below a hundred gets cancer, and that everyone with ferritin above a thousand has cancer. Mine always hovered around a hundred. However, on my latest labs, surprisingly, my ferritin came in at 24, which is below the minimum range. I asked him how I can get it back up a bit and he said that if I could get it to zero and keep it there, that would be great.

I was surprised to say the least. I asked, “What about oxygen transport?” And he said, “That depends on your red blood cells and hemoglobin, and there, your numbers are fine.”

All very surprising to me, not the least of which is why the sudden drop. And very likely it’s actually much lower, because 2 days after those labs, I got a phlebotomy.

And still felt fine right? I don’t feel tired or anything with low ferritin. It’s because I just posted an article where it states testosterone lowers ferritin without affecting iron in the body.


That is NOT happening with me. My blood pressure is STILL LOW with high hematocrit. High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)