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Hematocrit: How High is Life Threatening?

Hi @physioLojik, and others who can comment. I’m panicking a little with my off the charts hematocrit. At what point is it an urgent life threatening situation? Also does hematocrit, rbc, and hemoglobin go up and down on the same curve as testosterone entering your system? Like would they be highest 2 days post injection and a little lower on day 8 right before next injection on once weekly injections?

100 mg TE once weekly Wednesdays 3 months into TRT
Wednesday right before injection, (day 8)
Hematocrit 54 (40-50)
RBC 6.75 (4.50-6.00)
Hemoglobin 18.1 (13.5-17.5)
Ferritin 23 (22-275)

Saturday 3 days post injection
Hematocrit 58.4 (38-48)
RBC 7.02 (4.30-5.60)
Hemoglobin 18.9 (13.0-17.0)
Blood pressure excellent 109/74

All other CBC values look great.

Do you live at a high altitude, and were you fighting an illness when you got those blood draws?

Your Ferratin is low, so I would recommend that you NOT go and donate blood to try to correct this.

Your RBC and Hemoglobin is high but not too crazy. You can better control that with injecting at lower volume and more frequency. Is the Test only thing that you’re taking?


Not sick. Live in Toronto nothing to high above sea level. Only injecting 100 mg TE once a week. No other drugs, AI, HCG, or anything. I don’t feel any negative symptoms at all. Feel pretty good. Just my face and skin is a bit more red. Blood pressure normal low. I will cut the dose to 80 mg and split in 2x 40 mg a week and see what happens.

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You’ll get a lot of varying opinions on this. This may ease your mind. Neal Rouzier was climbing Everest once and he took some blood from the guide. The hemoglobin was 26. Hematocrit…………………68! Some feel tired when hgb elevates.

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Video makes sense. As the platelets, rdw, mcv, mch etc haven’t changed

Fellow GTA’er. Are you self treating?m

Nope. Dr. Prescribed.

You should give your family all this information so they can sue this doctor when you suddenly fall dead.
You should also contact your PCP and show him/her your CBC’s with any luck they will put you in the hospital and perform an emergency phlebotomy and then put you on a IV for your crashed Ferritin. Most TRT doc’s in America would have pulled your script call it ethics or the fear that we sue the crap out of them when they screw up. An you have definitely been screwed up.

What did the doctor do wrong? Not sure if you’re being sarcastic. I’m on a very small 100 mg once weekly dose.

No I am not being sarcastic. In America if your Hemoglobin hits 19 you can not donate blood. You have to go to your doc for a script to have the blood drawn and destroyed. It cost about 120 bucks.

I suggest you go to your PCP because you have something wrong with your blood. Your ferritin should not be that low unless you have been donating blood too often and your Hematocrit HCT is way to high if are really only taking 100mg/wk of T. These are the kind of numbers one see when a person cycles and does not know what he is doing.
The only way I know to get your HCT down since you can’t donate blood is to stop TRT. Once your HCT is back under 50 you could start supplementing iron and vitC to get your ferritin back up. That can take 6 months. Then you could go back on TRT at a much lower does to see if your HCT goes crazy again.
The doctor should also checkout why your HCT is so high and your ferritin is so low that is not related to TRT. Heck it might even be worth googling high HCT causes and low ferritin causes.

Bytheway @100mg/wk what was your TT, FT, SHGB?

So I found a correlation online that states testosterone empties your ferritin stores to produce all the new red blood cells which require iron.
On 100 mg TE results were Very high. TT 1233 on day 2 and 704 on day 8. Free T was double the high end range on day 2 and just above high range on day 8. No test for SHGB. I also have no bad symptoms at all. Freaked out Friday night and went to emergency room. They did the blood test but didn’t seem that concerned. My blood pressure is low normal range. Shouldn’t my blood pressure be high?

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Yep there is your answer double the max range of free T for an extended period of time.
You are either some kind of super responder to T or you have your injection quantity mixed up and you are injecting a lot more than you think.
Tell me about your bottle of T (like 200mg/ml that kind of info) and how much you are putting in your syringe. What syringe are you using? What does the scale say?

I’m using a 1 ml lure lok syringe. I injection half cc. 0.5 ml. I use Delatestryl 200 mg/ml , 5 ml vial. I’m not overdosing as one 5 ml vial lasts me 10 weeks. 10 injections.

You need to increase injection frequencies and inject smaller doses, this will bring hematocrit down in just about everyone.

This should see a decrease in hematocrit within a week or more.

so is 40 mg twice a week enough?

DELATESTRY is Testosterone Enanthate in sesame oil. Your dosing sounds fine I believe you on the 100mg/wk. You must have a very low SHGB to get such a high Free T for just 100mg/wk. That said you really need to drop your dose by a lot.
If your blood tests are accurate your health is in danger and changing your injections frequency to a bunch a times a week is not going to fix your problem.
Make some appointment asap and talk with your doctors.

SHGB is not low. Probabaly 35-38 based on tt ft ratios. Low SHGB guys have low numbers after 7 days. Mine was still above range on day 8

What makes no sense is that high hematocrit is always accompanied by high blood pressure since it takes more work to pump thicker blood. Just check my Blood pressure now - 102/65

Go get it drawn one more time. It could be that there was a slight error or that by some freak chance you caught it in a specific temporary state. If you really are concerned, and you should be, then go get it done one more time to verify.

That’s about right, but more smaller injection may lower HCT even more, say 20mg EOD.