Hematocrit & Hemoglobin: Cream vs Injections

Does test cream increase H&H greater than Subq or IM injections. If so, is it primarily due to fluctuating testosterone levels? If IM and SubQ will give more stable levels, can 2x daily dosing of test cream help prevent these spikes that drive up H&H?


No. Gel/cream causes erythrocytosis in ~13% of users. Compare that to ~66% of men who use test e/c.


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Thanks, very helpful!

Can Anybody confirm that by own experience?

First of all drink plenty of water. This lowers HCT, also higher HCT is not the big concern people make it out to be. Thicker blood makes larger pathways. Wanna be vascular? HCT is one of the reasons why veins and arteries will widen, improving blood flow. But just hydrate better and dont worry about it.

My hct went up to 53 on subq e3.5d and I was drinking plenty of water. Even before drawing bloods I had more than 1 liter.

I was short of breath, taking some stairs and I sounded like an old steam locomotive, related it to the high hct.

HCT is dynamic. Its not always stuck at one number. Being out of breath and struggling climbing stairs means youre out of shape, and your body is not fully adapted to TRT. Get to work and exercise. Drink water, do anaerobic exercises and switch to aerobic to train your CVS into being an efficient blood pumping machine. How would you survive in a high altitude? You adjust. I often pop at 53hct and I climb stairs all day, run, walk, and still push hard in the gym. Again, this has more to do with what kind of shape you’re in, and how often you train.

Your advice on here is ABSOLUTELY horrific wrt Hct. You have no idea the inflammation status of the previous poster and as I’ve laid out multiple times (just recently to another well meaning but human physiology-knowledge challenged poster), completely nuts to indiscriminately tell folks on here that running your Hct in the 50s long term is fine. Just stop with your hydration tips and stop watching that asinine Rouzier video on “harmless” erythrocytosis. You are going to hurt someone.

I’ve given in explicit detail why the same Hct may lead to two completely different blood viscosities between two individuals. Do you understand the implications of that irregardless of their cardiovascular fitness?

Bad, bad. Either you are ignorant or reckless, I hope it’s the former.

Are seriously trying to injure someone on here?

Have a good day.

Ever heard of being too smart for your own good? You read too much, and dont practice much. You’re a hypochondriac with too many worries. but you do you.
Have a great day!

Practice what? And how did you make that determination?

It is troubling and hilarious when you, @enackers, @yeti308 and the other “Hct is life” crowd are presented with the graph below (and all the other details that don’t seem to matter much to you guys) and the implications of it. All you can resort to is responding with I read too much.


Refreshing with @highpull who has humility and understands margin for error and there’s quite a bit of variability between individuals. Unfortunate people like you come on here and may be well-meaning but have the ability to harm other ignorant people coming on here for help. Then when confronted with facts, details, science, your reply is that I read too much. You are correct, guilty as charged and have relevant experience (aka practice) with the system that matters (my own). My theoretical understanding and relevant experience with myself and anecdotal data from others leads me to believe I give good advice and am not in violation of the “do no harm” principle. Ask yourself if you can say the same thing.

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Im gonna let you figure that one out for yourself since you sound like a smart motherfucker online. Our bodies are not static robots that have gauges. Ive tested at HCT53 one day and HCT48 the other, in back to back blood tests. Thats real world experimenting, not just studies, and second hand opinions. I used to worry about HCT because I would get itchy if I got too warm, but that subsided without intervention. HCT is dependent of many things, including environment. The world needs guys like you to point things out and make us all think, but just because you say that studies say that going over 60mph will rip your face off, it doesnt mean it will happen.

Fair enough just make allowance that another’s experience with Hct at 53 may not match your own nor does he have your endothelium, inflammation status, and cardiovascular system. It’s important to make that distinction when providing advice or guidance online (caution).

Clearly my experience at Hct = 51-52 does not match your own at 53 and my cardiovascular system is actually pretty good (~380-400 W FTP on the bike depending on the time of year).

And thank you for the compliment. I’ll take that as high praise from you.

Happy Friday.

Fair enough.

BTW, here’s a little definition for you so you can use words appropriately in the future:

Based on my experience, I don’t think you have the data to make that determination. You may want to read through the actual comments I made in a constructive manner instead of lashing out.

Bro…You’re days late with this. Let it go. Dont ruminate over this kind of stuff.

I’m not worried about any statute of limitations and wasn’t ruminating. Just trying to help you. Better to get your facts straight than look cool when you are dishing out stuff other guys may be using to improve your health. That seems to be a challenge with you and guys like poor old Danny (who isn’t here anymore), ego seems to get in the way and you’d rather be cool with cute comments than be correct. Best wishes.

Ahh thanks for the help buddy.