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Hematocrit/Hemoglobin and Injection Frequency


My hemoglobin levels from a couple months ago where 156 (range 134 - 170) and hematocrit was 0.49 (range 0.40 - 0.50). So hemoglobin is fine and hematocrit on the high side. I am probably going to start TRT soon and in my country there are only two options, Nebido and gel. Basically, what I am wondering is, how much can I expect Nebido to raise these levels? I think I have read here that with lower injection frequency, hematocrit and hemoglobin raises more, and with Nebido, it is gonna be every 8-12 weeks (at least initially, maybe later I can convince the doctor to let me inject myself at home more frequently). Is this true? And also, what level of hematocrit is actually too high where doctors usually react in your experience?


Nebido tends to have higher levels in the beginning and lower levels towards the next injection creating a kind of roller coaster, you can inject more often and at lower doses to be able to have high trough levels.

Normally in the US 54% is when docs start to recommend blood donations and/or dosage reductions. Just because the ranges top out at 50. doesn’t mean it’s high.

Thanks for the quick response. In your experience, do doctors look more at hematocrit or hemoglobin? And if they look at both, are they less likely to reach if hemoglobin is good but hematocrit is higher? Or is it problematic if either is high even if the other is low/good?

I notice a dramatic difference in knowledge from doc to doc, one of my endos said high HCT is not problematic and is unconcerned while other docs overreact.

As far as symptoms go with high HCT or a combination of high/low hemoglobin, depends on the individual.