Hematocrit and SC Injections

I did a search and could not come up with anything. My Hematocrit on TRT would creep up to 50-53 in the past. I would just donate to bring it down. This was only when I went above subscribed amount of 150 cyp./week. 250-500 on short blast Is where I would run into the problem.
I always did IM injections for last 30 years. I switched up to SC injections with insulin pin after reading about steady release and reduction in highs and lows. It has already shown me that it is controlling my hematocrit. Been on a 6 week blast of 500 mg./wk. and normally my crit would be high. Since SC injections it has been normal.
Anyone else notice this?

I never used IM so, I cant compare, but its nice to see that using sub Q has another benefit.

That’s definitely a plus.

Did it do anything for your e2 conversion? that would be interesting info.

What size needle and where are you injecting? Purely curious.

I think it is a 5/8" 1cc. Maybe 27? I backload from a larger IM pin and inject a full 1 ml x2/week. Stomach or thighs. One important tip I learned is to not inject like GH. Don’t squeeze a flap of fat and inject. Go straight in. When I pinched a small roll and injected, I would get good size lumps/bruise for 7-10 days. Going straight in eliminated this. Blood test in next 2 weeks. I am also curious as how it effects estradiol.