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Helping Women Train?


I have a few female friends who, as most people starting college, are just starting to work out. Being new, I kind of cringe when they tell me they use all machines and just work their ass and thighs pretty much.

While I tell them all the benefits of using free weights and how compound exercises burn more calories, I'm not sure what to tell them to do. Women seem like a different topic because they're obviously going to want to accentuate different body parts than I obviously would.

And I obviously dont just wanna wing it and give them bad advice, so I've been reading around here and on the T-Vixen forum but there are a lot of contrasting ideas.

Basically, most of the articles on here pertaining to women seem to be tailored to those interested in bodybuilding. What I'm looking for though is more of a fitness competition-oriented goal, minus competing.

I read the recent article about this topic but I'm not sure if I agree with it because the responses to it were not so great. So I was just wondering what other people's opinions are on the subject. Thanks.


The Vixen Articles



read the article CW just posted about this topic.


Already read the Vixen articles and the new article you mentioned...still contrasting philosophies it seems...


There is no one way to train. Experience is the only way to determine what results come from different types of training. As far as a starting point, start with the basics, go from there. You sound like you train so you know what a basic, general, no real goal except better, program is. After they do that for a couple months, modify it. If something is getting bulky, ease up on it. If something isn't growing, add isolations.


Just keep it simple...good advice, thanks.