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Helping the Fat Kids


At least there doing something!

"One billboard shows an overweight child's lower legs and feet on a scale next to the words, "Fat Chance," along with a list of the health risks of obesity. A second billboard shows the back of an overweight child and asks, "If that's your kid, what are you waiting for?"

Finally, a city with the balls to say what needs to be said!


Yah, I wish my parents would have controlled my eating when I was a child.
Not that I want to put the blame on them. But when I am a parent, there will be no muffins, soda's, and juices of any kind in my house for my kids to eat and drink.

What I really think they need to start doing is making advertisements for being fat that are like the anti smoking advertisements.
Its not good to have people smoking in public because its a bad influence on our children.
Yah... and its not good to have fat people either then... because they are a bad influence on our children.
No I don't smoke, I just see the B.S in it all.


I remember a few years ago Los Angeles got in trouble, or rather a gym chain in L.A. got in trouble because they put up a billboard showing fit people on a treadmill and the caption read, "Remember, if aliens attack they will eat the fat and slow ones first."

I loved that.

But these billboards are a good idea. I saw that picture of those very HUGE young kids at the McDonalds and that was heartbreaking.


Wow, a day later I realized my above post was all over the place. It was here, and then it was there.

But yah, that picture about this post is really sad. I wonder who are the parents of those children. Obviously their parents dont give a shit about them.

Everytime I see people like that I always wish so much that I coudl help them in some way.

Oh well, one thing I have learned is you cant help somebody who isnt willing to help themselves. I know that from personal experience.