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Helping Someone Taking Dianabol Since January


Hi All,

I'd like to get some opinions on this please. A young guy has come to me in the gym and asked for some help. Not sure on his exact age but early twenties at the most.

He has been taking Dianabol since January, around 30mg a day. He has also taken a bit of Winstrol. He has taken occasional week breaks from taking anything when going on holiday etc. No AI, SERM or HCG.

Currently no side effects that are obvious or that he has disclosed. (no gyno or ED issues, liver pain etc)

I have recommended that he go to the Doctor and tell them what he has done, or alternatively get private blood work done. The issue with this is that we are in the UK, so it's either NHS doctors who may not give the best advice for this or he interprets his own blood work. He obviously won't understand the bloodwork and it will be very expensive to get it done.

I have suggested something along the lines of;

week 1-10 20mg nolva ED
week 11-12 10mg nolva ED
week 1-6 arimidex 0.5mg EOD
week 7-14 arimidex 0.25mg EOD


Bloodwork preferably taken immediately, then 6 weeks into PCT and finally a few weeks after finishing PCT. I am not sure what the chances are of getting bloodwork.

I don't really have any idea if what i have suggested is any good. This is beyond my level of knowledge/experience so any advise would be appreciated. My main concern is controlling estrogen without any blood work, it will be high at the moment and i fear this may crash it eventually? I guess that is still better long term than it being too high.


What kind of results did he get?


no gains made


He has to have some sort of Test production going on or it seems like he would have been in the shitter a long time ago.

I would be really nervous about trying to control the E2. I feel like a good Nolva plan with a taper like you proposed sounds pretty solid. Obviously bloodwork would be ideal, but I can’t imagine a guy that would take dbol that long cares enough to do anything at all really. Especially if he got zero gains. It almost doesn’t sound real.


Ok so turns out he is 19… LOL

The problem i am seeing a lot in the UK at the moment is people that are very young and into partying etc. treating steroids like they do their recreational drugs, which is obviously a recipe for disaster. This is a result of the explosion within the fitness industry and its shift from being a niche to becoming the cool and trendy thing to do.

He hasn’t made any noticeable gains because his diet and training is shit, he just takes the dianabol and ‘attends’ the gym with his mates. Obviously some initial strength and weight gains would have occurred but nothing more than that.

I’m not sure what kind of shut down you would get from 30mg dbol for 10 months…

As you mentioned estrogen could be an issue. I feel the plan above may tank it hard but i find that i need a fair amount of arimidex with a relatively low amount of test and this continues throughout my PCT.

I have told him to go to the Doctor anyways as he said he couldn’t afford the price for Nolvadex… FML


Lost cause bro.


I wish I could take Dbol everyday for the rest of my life. It’s so great.

This isn’t advice. Just my feels.


Yeah Dbol is fun.

He has some Nolva and we told him to get the doctor asap to get everything checked out