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Helping Recovery Time


So the lifting program our college has us on is a bit rough IMO. I find I'm having a harder time recovering.

Now my nutrition is down pat, and I'm taking in more than enough calories (4-5k a day) along with decent supplementation with BETA-7, creatine, fish oil, and ZMA.

My main question is this, will light body work (ie. push-ups, body weight squats, pull-ups) help me recover. Obviously I wouldn't be going for a burn, just light work. Will this be more detrimental than helpful?


Very light work yes will help well short of failure and HIGH rep. also things like dragging a light sled. when in doubt and for recovery go LIGHTer.

hows the sleep and relaxation



i agree with what Phil said, in that light is good on these days. i can say from experience, that these light recovery lifts really do help in recovery. you should leave the gym feeling good on these days. I would also recommend contrast showers as a method of recovery. 3 minutes hot as you can with 1 minute as cold as you can for three cycles. not the most comfortable method, but very effective and inexpensive. good luck.



The sleep is decent - could be better. With college life I often find myself pulling late nights. I generally get about 7-8 hours of sleep, although I shoot for 9-10.

Relaxation is nigh to nil. I've pretty much got 12 hour days with sports and classes and homework.

I'll try out the contrast showers, sounds like it could work.