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Helping People Move


There has to be a shirt out there that says, "Yes, I lift weights, yes I own a truck, no I won't help you move."


yeah, and you’d be the only one wearing one


Get one made, it’s pretty cheap.



Yea man. Thank god I don’t have my pickup anymore.


When I had my truck or station wagon, people would ask me to borrow it. I’d always say that it was very low on gas and I was broke. Either they’d go away or gas it it for me. As for supplying the man power, I’d have to get $20 per hour. This was more than a few years ago and I could always use the bucks.



[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
yeah, and you’d be the only one wearing one[/quote]

Sweet, at least then it would get the point across.


I’d wear it. I’m always helping people move. Nevermind the fucking bulging disks in my back or this fucking sciatica.