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Helping my Dog with her Second Delivery

One of my oldest dogs is pregnant with her second litter of puppies. I wasn’t around for her first delivery, but have since moved back in with my mother, so I’ll be present for her second. She’s getting closer and closer to going into labor, and I’m starting to panic.

My mom helped her the first time around. She kind of struggled to nest, and my mom said she kept following her around instead of finding a spot somewhere to get comfortable. My mom just eventually cleared out a space with a bunch of blankets and her kennel and made her stay in the room until she settled down.

My mom seemed so chill considering she was there for both of our female dogs first deliveries. But, in the case she has to be to work and I’m there, or my husband is there, I’d at least like some extra tips, pointers, and encouragement. I’m a bit nervous. Genna (doggy who is preggers), didn’t have any complications the first round. All puppies survived and were healthy. But there’s always a possibility of complications. Aside from anything needing veterinary attention, I’d still like to help where I can.

Thanks guys.

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Just saw this. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge to share.

(helping to bump it back up though)


I think making a nest in a spot she’s comfy with (crate if that’s her safe space) is the main thing. Waiting for her to assemble a nest seems both unnecessary and potentially damaging to people’s clothes or whatever (if she finds a laundry pile, say). Sounds like she wants someone near (following your mom) and then the usual, food and water nearby.

Hi Cyber,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to check in- How are you doing?

Pls share pics of the pups!

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She doesn’t really seem interested in using clothes. No one even really keeps their clothes in access of our dogs. My main concern is her not staying somewhere where she’s made herself comfortable. I don’t mind spending however long in the room with her if need be.

I’m doing better. Some days it’s bad, some days it’s good.

Thank you.

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Will update with pictures!!!