helping my brother lose weight

Ok, my brother finally decided he’ll join the gym. I’m going to be working out with him, so I want to make sure I can make gains along with him. He’s pretty overweight and out of shape, and I’m in great shape trying to gain some muscle. What program should we do that would be effective in helping him lose fat and keep motivation, while also helping me gain some muscle? I’m thinking maybe we could do just core exercises. Squats, deads, rows, bench, chins, dips, pullups. Can anyone just throw me some recommendations as to what type of split? Thanks.

In my opinion this is the finest program for fat loss I have ever seen. Plus you decide what lifts you want to do.


stick to basics, you eat alot, he eats less, lift 2-3days per week, you should both be trying to put on as much muscle as you can, it ain’t complicated my man, it realy ain’t!