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Helping My Brother Bulk Up


My younger Brother is about 6'1 and very very skinny! Something like 145lbs. Now he's going to play college ball next year and the scouts are telling him to bulk up quick. I wanna give him very good advise, so i'm looking for serious responses from people can honestly help.

As an athlete he has to keep his muscle but also bulk up. All I can reccommend now is the whey protein twice a day. Give me some tips. much APPRICIATED!


Why would he be worried about losing muscle if he's bulking up? The whole point of bulking is adding MORE muscle.

As for tips, what is he eating? Whatever it is, it isn't enough. From his height / weight, he must be a basketball player. In which case, he's probably doing a ton of cardio between practice and games. So he's going to need to up his calories even more to make up for all that extra activity.

What's his current diet / workout look like?


is it really that difficult to figure out?

there's nothing magical about the process or secret tips to give...



Not looking for your smart ass replies, I'm just looking for any tips that I may not know. I'm open to anything. Easting more is the obvious answer, but like I said, I'm open to anything.


Milk and peanut butter...


Eating more is the obvious answer and the correct answer.

As your brother is so thin, as long as he is working out while eating enough, he should gain muscle mass.

If, or when, he starts to put on too much fat, then it will be time to get more precise about things.

Prior to that, eat protein with every meal... and eat a lot of meals.


tips that you don't know?

like I said there is no magical process to give...

how about this tip then...



besides eat more. You should make sure that his lifting program is solid.



And make your brother read it. infact, why isn't your brother posting here & asking for advice?

I'm no vet but from my experience if HE knows what to do and why, he'll do it better and more consistently.

Get him onto this site and get him to search the article catagory for bulk, food, etc, etc.