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Helping Lady Friend Train

Hey guys, I have a lady friend that ultimately wishes to make it into the FBI. She’s pre-law and a criminal justice major, has an internship with local law enforcement, and still has one more year before she graduates with a bachelor.

Now, she hasn’t been physically active for a while since high school (she has to pay for school, since our tuition is 35 grand…she takes 18-21 hours and works 30-40 a week on campus). She has set aside two hours a day to workout, and for the past two weeks had the mentality that “more cardio and weights everyday is better”. I aim to change that.

I’m thinking about some generic TBT for 4 weeks, just to get her used to lifting. something like:

Day A:
Incline DB Bench
Cable Row
A1 leg extension
A2 leg curl

Day B:
Incline BB Bench
Leg Press
Lat Pull-down
Standing DB Shoulder press
Bicep exercise
Tricep exercise

Day C:
dip progression
chin progression
push up max test
DB lunges
split squats

As for cardio:
1- walk on incline at 8 or 10 at speed of 4 mph. No gripping hand rails, work way to 30 minutes. After 30 is reached, increase speed to 4.3.

2- 5-10 minute warm up. 30 seconds sprint, two minute jog. Start with 4 intervals. Keep adding intervals each week.

3- recovery. Low intensity for 25-40 minutes.

Eventually I want to get her to do cleans. She almost has a 1 arm DB snatch down, and when I did day A with her yesterday she could hit parallel on squats with 95 for a set of 5.

Any advice or criticism? And yes, I pretty much outlined Berardi’s ten tips, got her to promise me that she would do her best to get six hours of sleep, and not rely on fast food.