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Helping Hand with Cutting Routine?

Looking to try cutting for the first time with a weights-dominant program, as opposed to jumping on the cardio bandwagon. The plan is 5 workouts a week, cutting. Not sure about the order yet:

Chest: 20 minutes cardio, then:
Flat bench
Incline bench

Back: 20 minutes cardio, then:
Lat pulldown
Wide cable rows

Legs: 20 minutes cardio, then:
Leg Extensions
Machine hamstring curls

Shoulders: 20 minutes cardio, then:
Military Press
Lateral raises
Front raises
Rear delt flyes

Arms: 20 minutes cardio, then:
EZ bar curls
DB hammer curls
rope pushdowns

The cardio will be at the start of the workout, thinking about 130-150 bpm on the cross trainer.



Around 2300 calories a day, getting about 200lbs protein from chicken, fish, nuts/seeds, whey, beef, spread over 5-6 meals. Only carb sources are low GI like porridge oats, aimed for morning and PWO.

I see that when cutting your training does not necessarily need to change unless it is a contest prep or an insane weight loss (which can be dangerous). Just continue to use the same training while cutting the calories, adding cardio when the weight loss slows down.

What are your stats? can’t really assess if your diet’s worthwhile or not without a few figures.


Seriously man, you should post your maintenance cals, and how much of each Macronutrient you are getting in every day(Protein Carbs Fat).