Helping Getting Ready for July 3 Comp

First I will give some background information:

Upon completing school three weeks ago, I joined the local strongman club. I am very inexperienced as most of the other trainees both local and otherwise have been training the events for at least five years. At first i had an agreement with the coach to volunteer at the competition and train amongst the strongmen to hopefully complete next year.

My shaky farmers walk (not fast, but I feel like I can complete the event shakily in the time allotted to avoid a scratch) supported the idea of holding me out. However my height (6’2) and experience with Olympic lifting has given me a slight edge in lifts such as the tire flip and barbarian lift. I have signed a contract and am slated to compete July 3.

I would really appreciate some help in setting up my training schedule.

Monday and Friday are strongman practice.(These are organized by the coach.)

Warm up consists of light trap bar dead lifts and high pulls.
We practice 2 or 3 of the 5 lifts. (As one of the three I am completing farmers walks each practice.)
To finish we do some heavier trap bar deadlifts and high pulls. I do 3 sets of pipe front squats at the end as well.

Practice lasts two hours (lots of rest in between event)

The rest of my schedule and preparation are where I need help.

I am eating at above maintenance and beginning a cycle of creatine.

Monday: Strongman, mobility work or yoga.

Tuesday: Mobility work or yoga.

Wednesday: Wendlers 5/3/1 for shoulder. Mobility work or yoga
Military press
5x3 light split jerks
5x3 Weighted chins
3x12 high pull
3x12 incline db bench

Thursday: mobility work or yoga

Friday: Strongman, mobility work or yoga.

Saturday: Wendler Bench 5/3/1, mobility work or yoga.
BB bench
3x12 narrow bench
3x12 BB row
Grip work

Sunday: mobility work or yoga.

Does anyone have any advice?

The events for my weight class are as follows:

Wheel Barrow rack pull without rest: We choose which weight we would like to start at and the weight increases each lift by 60 pounds.

Barbarian lift: Lifting pipes onto stands of varying heights:
180lb-48 inches
200lb-44 inches
220lb-44 inches
240lb-40 inches
260lb-40 inches

Tire flip: Consecutively flip tires at 550, 650, 750.

Farmers walk: 50 feet with 200’s, then 50 feet with 225’s on the way back.

Power stairs: 9 total steps with 3 at each weight.

do unilateral work for your legs. it’ll help with the farmers. don’t worry too much though. The atmosphere is really great at comps. I am pretty sure you are talking about the New Liskeard comp. so I know that one, haha I’ll be there but as a heavy weight.

Just shoot to finish, you are going to be in a stacked field, the middle weights are every year, but don’t worry too much. You’ll be fine there.

Majik, I am indeed talking about the competition in New Liskeard, I am local to the area. The middleweight class is indeed stacked and I train with the past winner. This is of great benefit to me because he is very generous with training tips and strategies. If the atmosphere is anywhere near as friendly and jovial at the competition as it is during normal training, we are in for a great time.

The heavyweight category, if I have my information correct is not as full as the middleweight category, but there are at least a few incredible athletes.

I will definitely try some unilateral stuff for the farmers walk. (i still need to show fern that I can complete it properly to qualify.)

See you there on the fourth.