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I have been dieting and working out ect… and my brother has started. were both 17 live at home and every week I go to the store to buy all the food ill need for the next few days… veggies meat ect… and now my brother has started dieting with me but cheats constantly and says he will go to the gym and 10 minutes before becoming a pear shaped excuse machine."I’m to tired, I dont feel good!, we can walk instead(a mile…very slowly) ect… I will make a healthy dinner then he will ask me to make him some also…like today I made chicken and vegetables.

He put the chicken on a large grinder roll then drowned it in bbq sauce (1/3 of the bottle) then after eating the sandwich he suddenly didnt feel good…skipped the veggies then went and got some more shit to eat still crying about a stomach ache and how he cant go to the gym.

Should I just fuck it and forget about him? Hes pathetically lazy and makes all these rationalizations about why he should eat this or that or why he shouldnt go to the gym(ive been trying to get him to go for 3 weeks) and when he runs out of excuses and insults about how im not a fitness guru and how i dont know if bbq sauce in large amounts doesnt help you gain muscle. He just eats it because he deserves a cheat meal or even better he starts on about how he walks 3 miles everyday… he walks a mile and barely twice a week if that

I would say leave his ass. It is ovious that he has no motivation to workout, and you do so don’t let his bad/lazy habbits slow you down. I know people just like your brother and they always promise to go to the gym then in the end they have too much work to do or they are too tired from eating shit.

Once he sees the gains you are making because of your diet and working out, that will probably motivate him to join you so he won’t look so small next to you.

[quote] Petermus wrote:
Should I just fuck it and forget about him?[/quote]


Put as much distance between yourself and him as is feasible.

He’s what shugs refers to as ‘toxic people’.

Well too bad for him, stop wasting your money buying him food. If hes still eating like crap chances are hes just adding health food to his diet and keeping the other food. Which means more calories, and thus he will gain weight. Tell him too continue his crap diet.

[quote]Otep wrote:
Petermus wrote:
Should I just fuck it and forget about him?


Put as much distance between yourself and him as is feasible.

He’s what shugs refers to as ‘toxic people’.
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nuclear waste has nothing on him…he went and took a nap after eating…hes been sleeping for 3 and a half hours

I have classes with him at school… today is day 42 of him and his EX gf arguing for no reason during class…

w\e ill forget about him and just make 100% sure hes very jealous of every pound lol…

lol… I asked him to go to the gym again… he said he walks 3miles a day again… he just woke up…and start eating and he says after his bowl full of peanuts he said hes going to do walk…ill tell you when he gets back in ten minutes after walking around the yard

walking is not “working out” and never will be

don’t cook for him either… he’s wasting YOUR time and YOUR money. He sounds like a mooch.

If you have started a serious diet and exercise regiume then leave him well alone.

Your concern has got to be yourself at this point

If he bleats that he wants to go to the gym/work out then politely point out that he is free to go anytime he wants on his own.

If he wants to diet let him buy his own food.

If he wants to argue with his ex suck in a deep breath and let them get on with it. If they do it in front of you in your free time well its your free time go somewhere else.

You need to grown a duck and let that shit wash off your back.