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Helping Family Members

Why does it seem like family members and friends are the hardest to help make changes in their diet and exercise?

It seems like they never want to hear where they’re wrong and I end up getting pissed because I actually care whether they listen or not.

Maybe they’re so self conscious that advice about their health hurts them? Maybe they dont want to take advice from a friend because they risk being put in a lower status category. It’s hard to understand because I usually listen when people intend to help me.

So, what’s the secret? How do I get them to pay attention to what I’m saying?

Setting a good example is the first step, but that’s already been/being done.

Well my sister used to be real skinny, piece of toast for breakfast, half a pack of ramen noodles for lunch that kind of thing. I came back from school having found T-Nation and got her to eat a lot more and exercise (squat and deadlift and pushups and pullups for the most part) and she put on about 8 pounds in a month or so and looks a lot better, normal.

Don’t think she’s doing it much now I’m back at college though. I was there with her when she was doing the exercises to keep her going.

This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but I’ve given up on trying to get my mother and sister to live healthier livestyles.

My mother is 4’10" and weighs over 165 lbs, my sister is 5’ even and weighs over 170. They both have little to no activity all day/every day, and fast food makes up the majority of their meals.

At the same time, I hear them talk about not giving my sister’s kids too much protein, and when I ask my nephew if he wants to try some of my protein shake I get replys like “Don’t give him that stuff…” The poor kid has a small appetite as it is due to a herniated diaphragm when he was born, and he’s in the 2 percentile for his weight.

Anyway, don’t give up right away. I did get my wife to workout with me and eat much better (she’s doing CW’s ABBH I right now :wink:

She said that watching me go to the gym all the time made her want to do it too. Plus, my family sees me much differently than my wife does. I’m still the youngest who doesn’t know anything in their eyes.