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Helping Daughter with Her Homework


Her homework last night for her wellness class was to pick 3 songs from various genres and write down how they made her feel. I picked the 3 metal songs. Here are her responses:

"Rip and Tear" by L.A. Guns - "made me anxious and want to scream"
"Walk" by Pantera - "made me want to physically assault somebody"
"Blind in Texas" by W.A.S.P. - "made me feel tense and uncomfortable"

eh, what does she know...


Cool Story bro.

On a positive: Always good to see a father taking an active role in parenting.


But they were supposed to be from different genres, no?


Wouldn't "various genres" mean to pick songs from separate genres? Her responses are perfect though, how else is metal supposed to make you feel?

Instead of "Walk" you should have used "Fucking Hostile", she might have actually gone through with it, haha


Do you even know what "genre" means?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


i left the other genres to her and her mom; i only know metal


Yes I do and yes I am. Thank you for asking.


You're quite welcome.

Good day, sir.


Rock and roll is considered a genre separate to metal but there is more difference between many metal songs and each other than there is between metal and that whole genre.

Saying metal is a single genre is on a par with saying classical music is a single genre.


This morning when I pooped, it broke the water surface.


This morning I woke up completely flaccid. not even a hint of morning wood.


That's not good man. Take some zinc tonight.


I ate Chinese food for lunch.


That's a good one, too. Show it to her.






Which genres did they pick?


How does that work? How does one limit oneself to only one genre of music? I really don't understand it, music has much more to offer than metal alone..


Country, pop, and gospel


It's the one I appreciate/enjoy the most. Motown is a distant second, but metal is my favorite