Helping Dad Out

57 year old male, 5’10", 170lbs. I have been helping my dad with his training and nutrition for the past year now. He has come along way from his 150lb physique and wants to keep gaing. I will post a pic up soon, but the muscle he has gained is not very impressive given his age! I have a feeling his Estrogen levels are high but I failed to remind him to have the doc test for that. I had him go get a blood test to check his testerone levels and these are the results, that I do not know how to decipher?

testosterone total 685 ng/dl
(there is two pages of results, if anyone needs more info pertaing to the blood test just let me know)

Im going to have him get another blood test to check his estrogen levels, is there anything else I should have the doc check for?

As men age, SHBG keeps increasing. The amount of free T [FT] drops. While his TT is remarkably high for his age, his FT might be low. Test for FT.

If his meds [if any] were reviewed, then perhaps something that interferes with hormones and/or libido could be identified for suubstitution .

Check serum E2. Do not test for total estrogens.

Any results for thyroid; T4, T3, TSH?

Always post with the lab ranges. You can edit your original post to include the TT lab range.

What is listed for cholesterol levels?
Serum glucose?

You have him on a good diet with fish oil and vitamin D?

Thanks KSman for the help!

TT 685ng/dL, reference range: adult male: 241-827

TSH, 3rd generation 2.16, reference range: 0.40-4.50mIU/L<or= 4.0ng/mL

Cholesterol, total 238 H 125-200mg/dL
HDL 59 >or=40mg/dL
LDL 168 <130 mg/dL(calc)
Chol/Hdlc Ratio 4.0 <or=5.0(calc)

Glucose 100 H 65-99mg/dL

Hematocrit 44.4 RR: 38.5-50.0%

PSA, total 1.5 0.40-4.50mIU/L<or=4.0ng/mL

do not see CRP? unless its wordy differently

I have him on GNC fish oils, 300mg Omega-3’s , told him to take 1200mg daily, but just found out he maybe gets one pill in a day,if he remembers!
Doesn’t take any vitamin D, but gets plenty of sun exposure on weekends, not weekdays

Thinking about vit-D seems to be 2000-3000iu per day minimum. A good dose of sunshine will product 10,000 for those with fair skin. Those who are darker or heavily tanned will make less. Two days of sun may not make 20,000 as the supply of modified cholesterol needed may not be replenished in that time frame. I know of a woman who was taking 2,000iu per day and she tested out in the lower 20’s and min if the range is lower 30’s.

The body stores vit-D and this gets depleted in the winter when we are all at risk of getting sick. Some claim that these seasonal illness are from deplete vit-D stores. Multiple sclerosis also flairs up in late winter. Again, vit-D is seen as a factor. Cancers, heart attacks, auto immune diseases all seem to track vit-D status and latitude. The body converts stored vit-D into vit-D hormone. Your body cannot live without that and every cell in the body has vid-D receptors. The medical community is slow to act on these research findings and the FDA RDA is still pathologically bogus. People who do not get outside and do not supplement are at risk of many problems.

You really cannot easily get too much vit-D. A study in England that lasted many years sent an envelope to participants 3 times per year and the envelope had a 300,000iu tablet. Everyone needs vit-D supplements except a few like on-duty life guards. Those in northern latitudes do get more health problems vs those living closer to the equator.

CRP is C reactive protein, which increases with the inflammatory processes of arterial disease or some other inflammatory processes.

He seems to be quite healthy. Does he need a statin drug to get that cholesterol profile?

Protein, total 6.7 RR: 6.2-8.3g/dL(calc)

The doc did not prescribe a med for the High cholesterol. I was told that they wanted to wait to see if he could lower it himself. There going to give him anoter blood test in a couple months to see where its at.

The vit-D sounds interesting! would you recommend that he start taking that during the week?

I am going to have him get an FT and an E2 blood test done, to check those levels like u recommended. is there any thing else I should have the doc test for?

No side effects starting vit-D. He can start at any time. There are some tiny oil caps of 2000iu that one can get at Sam’s Club. Others sell these but I do not know where. I think that some have reported 5000iu caps.

He seems very healthy! Good news for you too.

If E2 needs to be lowered, to an optimal level, then TT and FT might increase as SHBG decreases. This might reduce cholesterol.

If he has a good mood and energy, one would expect that he has a favorable T:E ratio. It will be interesting to see where his E2 FT levels are.

Was your dad able to fully follow the 12 fast before the labs?

Yeah, I am thankful I have great genetics:) He’s going to get the blood work done in a couple weeks so ill let u know the results when I get them.

He does complain of dizziness and some nausea later in the day? might have something to do with his inner ear bones?

he had no problems fasting for the 12hrs that were required

how many IU’s should I start him out on?