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Helping a Overweight bud

OK. I know a decent amount about training, diet, etc. But I’m not sure how to go about helping my bud out, he’s overweight close to 100 lbs i think. I’ve gotten him to get into the weightroom to lift a little and do some cardio, but at his size, it’s embarrassing for him to do some exercises without a decent amount of fat loss. I’m helping him with his diet, but for you who have helped an overweight person, any exercise, diet, or supplement help for me?

I didn’t help an overweight guy, but I did lose about 100lbs in a year. I lost a lot of it on 5 weeks of fat fast. Once he loses like 25lbs from that he will be motivated to stay on some type of diet. Also, when he gets off of fat fast he will feel like he isn’t dieting that much, even though he will still be low carb, it will be a lot more carbs than he had during fat fast. When I was on fat fast I used GVT 2000 for a workout, and I also did 30-45 minutes of cardio 4 times a week. When on fat fast he should use androsol to keep from lossing muscle mass, and MD6 (one twice a day did it for me), T2 Pro also may be a good idea, but it wasn’t around when I was on fat fast, so I can’t attest to how much it would help (I think it would be great though). I ended up lossing 50 lbs in around 3 months, and the rest over the next 9 months. Hope this helps.

Your friend just needs to educate himself. I understand you wanting to help him - which is very commendable. But in the end, he needs to take those first few steps. Thankfully, he does have you to point him in the right direction, this site (T-Mag).

Have you read the FAQ? Do so, if you haven't. Read the "The Diet Manifesto", "Essential Berardi". Someone here (that posts on the forum)has created a site that lists all the articles a newbie should read.

Some other articles to consider: "The Fat Roundtable", "Dawg School: The Beginners Blast Off Program", "Appetite for Construction".

I am no expert on weight management or fat loss, however, I would say that if your friend is set upon doing this, to start off slow in the gym. It's important to learn proper form/technique for any newbie. And I'm assuming he has no physical/medical ailments and can begin promptly? I believe your friend will need to perform weight training as well as cardio. As I said before, educate yourselves first before diving into a full-on program. Also, the goal would be for him to get acquainted with a physically active lifestyle that will continue long after he has dropped the unneccessary weight.

no supplement works better then a good diet. Make sure this guy wants to lose weight, otherwise you are setting yourself up for frustration and defeat. Also encourage the dood when he’s made progress and when he’s fallen a bit… be the guy’s friend, listen to his problems and help them thru it and you’ll do aight.

Ease him into everything, or he’ll just get burn out and give up. The main issue for severely overweight people is motivation. Make him be sure he knows he truly wants to lose the fat and is sure within himself why. Remind him of those reasons now and then. Make sure he takes a long-term approach like 6 months to a year. Don’t do the whole “be ready for a Calvin Klein ad in 12 weeks or less” BS. Start him off on free-weight circuit training 3 days a week. High reps, emphasis on good form. Ease him into interval sprinting 2-3 mornings a week after waking. This is much better for fat loss than long cardio sessions. Ease him into the ECA stack, and test his tolerance levels of it. Never let him take a pill within 5 hours of bedtime. If you find his nervous system can’t handle the Ephedrine stack, let him give the alternative Norephedrine stack a try. Lower his carb and especially refined sugar intake. Help him to shift his fat intake away from saturated and trans fats to getting the majority of his fat from flax oil, olive oil, natural peanut butter, and ocean fish. Diverse protein sources. Only eat enough late at night to keep from going to bed on an empty stomach. Allow him to eat a little more one day out of the week. Make sure he’s getting enough vitamins and minerals. Make sure he’s drinking plenty of water. Encourage him by letting him know you’re seeing a positive difference every now and then. Ask other people to occasionally make an encouraging remark to him.

Thanks for the ideas. Patricia-Actually I have not just read the faq, but every article posted here at t-mag, and I’m the one who made the ‘newbie site’. I hope I didn’t make myself sound too clueless. :wink:

I’ve been setting the example with my eating, and he reads here once in awhile so he does know some stuff. I’ll see about the supplements, that could end up getting expensive and I’m not sure if he’ll be up for it. I was thinking the biotest fatloss stack of methoxy and t2pro. I could add in some md6, since I have a little stockpile.

I guess I was thinking in the right direction then, get diet in order, lift w/some cardio, start him on some supps, reinforce the changes he’s made. Thanks guys(and gals).

Nah, you didn’t look clueless, just concerned for you friend. You obviously want to do the right thing - which is great!

I do know that most of us take for granted the llfestyle we have developed - training, nutrition/diet, etc. While others, like your friend, could never ever believe that they could actually live like you do, or I, or any other T-Person. It is really hard for others to fathom why you do the things you do. Why you choose this physically active lifestyle and watch your nutrition.

But we all have "been there" - maybe not 100lbs overweight, but we all began someplace. While I believe encouragement is important (of course), so is a reality check: let your friend know that in reality, there come a time, that he may not lose any weight - but that isn't a negative thing. Whenever he sees failure, point to him the positives. Such as, learning about his body, learning about diet/nutrition, learning that he doesn't just need to go to the gym everyday (have you showed him the fun "Renegade Training" yet?), etc. Gosh, I wish you and your friend the best of luck - and do keep us up to date as to his progress! Get him to post on T-Mag, too!

Is it embarassing for your friend to do certain exercises, or embarassing for you? Frankly, I’m probably bigger than your friend, and I have absolutely no trouble at my gym. I’ve tried stuff, and I’m sure I look stupid doing some things, but nobody has ever laughed at me or even looked funny at me. (At least where I could see, and there are LOTS of mirrors.) I’ve even seen some of the “super bods” copy some of the stuff I learned here at T-Mag after they saw me do it. (Wood choppers, front squats, etc.) Sure there are some exercises I just can’t do (pull ups, hanging leg raises) so I just do something else.

nothing embarassing about benches rows, deads and squats. if he busts his ass on these excercises, with a strong diet, he will lean out big time

I can only say ditto to what has been said here: I have some guys at work who I have started into a more healthy way of living (although one took having his dad die of heart failure after being diabetic, having his two older brothers-overweight of course-get diagnosed with diabetes) but when the changes start happening, it is great for them. They get so charged I actually redouble my efforts…

Hey Bud’s friend,
First off find out if you friend wants to “learn” what he needs to, or does he want to be spoonfed and given a program to follow.
My wife and I have needed to lose weight, my wife is post pregnancy, and I was just plain overweight 5’11" 255lbs. My wife has no sports or weight-training experience, so I had her do dumbbell swings and GPP circuits (ala Coach Davies)for 4weeks then added in jump rope for 3 weeks or so then went to fat to fire 3 sets. We have three kids so time is a factor for her. She realizes if she pushed it for a full hour and got more strict on diet carbs 60 grams/d or so 5 days a week and at least .8gms prot/lb/d of body weight, the weight would come off faster. Even still she averages about 1 lb a week of weight loss( possibly more since she is getting stronger and noticeably more defined)
The big thing for her was to make the changes something she could manage and sustain the changes and enjoy working out. We do not use supplements ( actually she uses chromium, potassium and magnesium, I use potassium and ZMA)I have managed 1-2 lbs a week.
I had just recently started back (from about a 6 mos layoff)to training and followed this program too, and found the discomfort less and duration less so I felt like working out.
Yea, it’s kind of a sheep way to do it, but it doesn’t overwhelm them. They get to start small and work to big in time ,intensity and work load.
Plus the added benefit of working out at home for 2 mos or so( the weight doesn’t need to go over 15 - 20lbs on the swings) allows them to get comfortable and see improvement before they workout in front of others.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Peace, Tmofa

now a fat guy doin 5lb tricep kickbacks would look funny… the clear message here is…

cardio? just have the guy walk. Embarrassing exercises? like what? standing military, bench press, pulldowns, (until he can chin himself) and row, full squat and deadlifts. What is embarrassing is having to watch “trainers” get their victims, I mean clients, to do smith machine anythings, pec deck, leg ext and curls in the most God awful form, and if they are guys then they head to the 3/4 curls and tricep pressdowns in the cable crossover area, or if they are women, neck curls disguised as crunches and this new silly assed floor walking lunges with now form whatsoever. Damn, I am going to the gym now, can I please have one day without the idiots, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.
Your buddy has to want to. have a heart to heart with him and get him off the magic ingredient approach. You have to eat less to lose weight. Period, end of sentence.