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Helping a Friend Up His Bench

He'll lift 3-4 days a week depedning. His squat is pretty high compared to bench. He can do 225+ for reps, but benches like 115 pounds for reps. Any ideas?

Some people are lower body dominant, I’m one of them. All he can do is focus on the upper body more than lower. Try something like Monday, vert push+pull, Weds legs, Fri Horiz push+pull.

Make sure he’s paying proper attention to his back. That can have an impact on his bench.

I made good progress on this program: http://www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm

Following it took my 215 for 5 to 235 for 5. I just hit 240 for 3 tonight, with at least 2 more “in the hole.”

If you do follow it, actually follow it; don’t screw with the parameters. :slight_smile:

Well IMO. Those numders unless he is 4 foot 95 lbs I say keep working on building a base. Get stronger everywhere. I mean those arent that out of line look at BIG legs, ass core those are used in squat. compared to lil twigs (arms) chest, shoulder, back that is what makes a bench basically.

Keep working hard keep it simple and just work HARD, eat, recover, use a good program and that bench and all else will go up


I mean his bench has been at a sandstill for months while his squat went up really fast.

(I know his numbers are still small)

Is he eating enough to gain mass, and strength??


Oh and what is he doing as of now for a w/o


My squat on dl are turbo charged in relation to my bench. I just look at my legs and they get stronger. I have fight for every fing pound on my bench. However, no progress in months means that he is doing something wrong. I agree with Phill. We need to know more about his workout to give any helpful advice.

I question whether or not he is being honest with his squat numbers. I think the squat is one of those lifts that people tend to fudge their numbers on more. This is mostly because they do a 1/4 squat. Have him try one deep squat (ass to ankles) with 225 and I bet he won’t make it back up. I’ve only ever seen one other guy at my gym go at least parallel for squats and I lift at Gold’s in San Francisco.

A 115 pound bench is still pretty weak regardless. How big is this guy? I can’t imagine he weighs more than 115 if that is what he is benching. I think he probably just needs to eat…and potentially work chest less. Sometimes less is more because recovery is when growth happens. Also, the bench works quite a few muscle groups, if one group is weak, it is going to affect the entire lift.