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Helping a Chick Get into Lifting

Hi all,

I’ve been helping a female friend of mine in the gym for a while. She stacked on weight after punching out some kids, but after about 6 months of plenty of walking, running, treadmill sessions and bodyweight squats and lunges, she has lost around 30kg (about 60lbs).

She asked for help ‘toning her arms’, so I suggested an actual lifting program, and she was open to it.

She knows how to squat, basic form for deadlifting and power cleans etc. She’s naturally got a powerful frame, so I was hoping someone could help me out with some lifting programs for her? My knowledge base is strong, but I’ve never been good at writing a set program for people.

Don’t redesign the wheel. Get her into any one of the starting programs - starting strength for example. couple that with what she’s already doing well at and she should have no problem transistioning.

Alright sweet as. Thank you :slight_smile:

5/3/1 is a great program for increasing strength and lean muscle (when combined with appropriate nutrition). It is very easy to follow and reasonably adaptable.