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Helping a 16 yr old football player

Diesel-At 16, most people who train hard won’t get fat with this method. I used to do it all the time, when mom was buying the milk.

 Forgive me for saying that bench is worthless.  Yet it is overrated!  Actually I think that most movements (a cornerback bumping a wideout)  more closely relates to a push press than a bench press simply because the hips are involved.  Probably more so in line play.  
 As to your thoughts on running and lifting.  Saying that one cannot lift as much after a running session is false.  I do it everyday and have seen alot of improvement in speed and in absolute strength.  I think for the most part people underestimate the human bodies ability to adapt.  I would really recommend running before lifting.  Plus what about running after a heavy squat workout.  That totally diminshes the session.