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Helping a 16 yr old football player

I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some tips on things other than regualar food to get big. I’m not talking necessarily about a supplement but either that that are of course legal, not too pricey and would be good for someone my age. Also I’m open to protein powders and what not just something to help me out because it’s hard in my house being that the food supply is strongly favored towards things like pasta and others of that sort (primarily carbs). Any help is appreciated thanks.

Hey desideratus15,
Your hormones are just starting to get jacked…don’t mess with them. Besides without enough protein, you’re wasting them. Protein sources; eggs (hardboil some to keep on hand), hamburger (preform and then precook some burgers), salmon, sardines ( good source of EFA’s essential fatty acids,brunswick and king oscar being the best, brunswick cheaper) and kippers. Of course you won’t go wrong with anything here for powders, look into surge as well.

bro, what position do you play and what are your goals size wize for this season. These are pretty vital to you getting valid advice. I played football in college, and we got massive, but I played d-end so I do not know if that is what you want. fill me in, and I wil be more than willing to help out a fellow friend.

Milk (skim or 1%), a gallon a day. Assuming you don’t have milk allergies, it’s a very easy way to bulk up.

… but ease into the milk idea, you don’t want to discover lactose intolerance AFTER that first gallon…

An alternate approach is to simply buy a 10 lb tub of whey protein (~$60 at bodybuilding.com) and make yourself two shakes a day in additional to your regular carb-heavy diet. Throw in milk, ice, bananas and strawberries. Ends up tasting like a smoothie.

And if you’re into snack foods, check out imitation crabmeat. It’s based on some type of high-protein, lowfat Alaskan fish. Tastes good, no mess, no smell, no prep, cheap as hell. Mixes well with any bread.


janderstein my position is wide receiver / safety. Right now I’m 6’3 181 and a sophomore going into my junior season and I’d like to be around 190. Also I was wondering what you guys thought about creatine?

Hey desideratus15,
What does your daily intake of food look like? If you want to come into next season ready, now is the time to really be focussing on improving your foot quickness and speed as well as your strength. There is no reason why you should not be able to make 190 lbs with whole food or maybe the few shakes without hormones and without creatine. Leave creatine for the bodybuilders and more advanced athletes who are maybe looking for an extra edge.
Get your diet dialed in and get your training right and all should fall into place. For diet checkout “Progress” by Marc McDougall under Photos. Go to Renegade Revolution and possibly Lair of the ice dog forums - they are more athletic performance focussed.
But if you want a do-it-yourself program expect do-it-yourself results. I’d get in touch with Coach Davies, directly and buy a program, well worth it.

wow that is pretty good size bro, especially for your position, and age. I would suggest of course hitting the weights as hard as possible, and following your caches program. granted they have you focusing on core movements, and explosive lifts. I would say that since you are so young really eat lots of food, and those dont always have to be of the clean variety, although choosing to eat clean would be the best decision, but remember you are a football player, and leverage will play a huge role in your performance. I never suggest that people put on too much weight before season, as it may hamper your athletic performance, but if you are putting on size while continuing to do sprint workouts, and practicing patterns drill etc… then you should be fine. As far as supps go I think protein powders are very beneficial as you should be sucking them up left and right. As far as vreatine goes it is very beneficial and I experienced good results using it in preperation for a season. Good luck bro, chime back if you have any more Q’s. where do you play, state, city , HS

I play in Morristown, New Jersey, Morristown High. Some info on food intake and lifting. I’m not really in a do it myself program as we have a strength coach here. Lifting days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Recently (past 2 weeks or so) we’ve started running now after we lift which is pretty taxing but it’s nice to have the days off in between. We do olympuc lifts such as clean and jerk (Mon), snatch (Wed), and clean (Fri). Through out the day I eat pretty well such as pb & j or cheese sandwich, yogurt, granola bar, etc. (Anything I can get my hands on). But after lifting I eat 3 eggs, can of tuna, slice of chicken, and a glass of milk and then before dinner I have another glass of milk and peanut butter.

The biggest thing I’m having trouble with is gaining weight while staying fast and in running shape. Earlier in the lifting season for us I gained about 15 lbs and most of it was muscle but I could notice that running was harder due to the extra weight so any advice in that category would be helpful.

eyo man i’m a senior at Westfield High School. i’m probably the strongest guy in my school, but i certainly didn’t start that way - freshman year i maxed out the bench press at about 140 (ouch) and now i’m over 3 bills. I haven’t taken any supplements or protein shakes or anything. Just make sure you hit the weights every day after school and consider getting a membership to a local gym so you can work out with the big guys. In the off-season. eat a shitload of meat and get your daily glass of milk with dinner. I remember a couple years back when you whooped us at Giants Stadium, and we had an amazing team. Looks like you got a hard act to follow. good luck

Well as far as your diet goes, it is not what you cal BB friendly, but you are a football player, and I remember when I played in college, how we would shut down the cafateria, and pretty much any place we went, so I am not really going to advise you in this area, other than the fact that the foods you said you ate after working out should be eaten throughout the day for best reults. But you are still young, so pretty much just make sure you are eating a lot, and often, especially in the area of protein and carbos. As far as keeping speed while gainig weight, well that is where the dedication comes into play. I think your coach has it wrong a little as far as your guys’ workouts go, but I dont think you can do much to change that. I would do sprint workouts at least twice a week, preferably seperate from lifting days, and work on your foot work, i.e. jump roap, box drill, dot drill, ladder drill. Basically work your butt of bud at it will happen. I think when in highschool we worry about weight too much, and lose focus on what our strenghts are i.e athletic ability, quickness, precise routs, knowledge of the game. I played d-end at 240, and was able to lead my team in sacks, despite being the smallest end not only on the team, but in conference. Good luck bud

D-Bo (That’s you, Poster)…What up, bro! As far as supplements go, I think you should forget about them. There’s absolutely nothing that’s going to help you achieve your size and strength goals like optimal nutrition and training protocols.

When myself and others discuss things like protein supplements and essential fatty acids (i.e. flax oil), these are not supplements. Nope, they’re foodstuffs. Not much difference between the amino acids in a jug of protein and that found in a chicken breast. While there’s a huge difference between the types of fats found in flax seed oil and other dietary sources of fat, it’s still just fatty acids.

That being the case, D-Bo, we’ve got very little background on either your training and nutrition programs. I do see a gaping hole in your diet such that you’re eating very little protein, especially from complete sources. I would definitely not fall into the mindset that carbs are bad for you, but you do need to get into the habit of choosing the right carbs and eating them at the optimal times.

We’re here to help, bro!

Coming from a guy that could not put mass on from his Sophomore to after HS, believe the others when they say protein is the key. I was stuck at 195-200 for 3 years, despite the fact I was lifting twice a day every day. As soon as I found the site, and started eating food other then sandwiches and burritos(re Massive Eating) I gained 25-30 pounds of lean mass in a year.

So coming from a former football player I can’t emphasize getting enough protein if you’re trying to gain weight. It was my biggest mistake and might have cost me a full ride. (My high school knew nothing about oly lifts, nutrition or really good training)

renegade dragon, on a side not burritos, boat loads of pasta, bread, all you can eat buffet trips coupled with some savage like workouts were what gave me the fule and weight to play football, I was an undersized d-lineman though. You are right, even at a young age if you can hit the nutrition on the head, it can take you a far way, lets see if the youngster listens to good ol Timbo and gets freaky with it, if he does, I think he can take it to the next level.

Sully: 'Milk (skim or 1%), a gallon a day. Assuming you don't have milk allergies, it's a very easy way to bulk up.'

Sure it is Sully, if you want most of your mass to be fat, and most of your size to be a result of being bloated, Milk is OK while bulking, just dont overdo it. 

Here's what I recommend. You'll eat 6 meals a day. Plenty of calories. 3 meals will contain a good ammount of carbs and a good ammount of protein. 3 meals will contain a good ammount of healthy fats (olive, nuts, fish oils) and a good ammount of protein.

Meal 1: Carbs + Protein
Meal 2: fats + protein
Meal 3: fats + protein
Meal 4 (1 hour prior to workout): Carbs + protein
Meal 5: Post workout protein + carb shake
Meal 6: small ammount of fats + protein

Do this, make sure at the end of the day you're taking plenty of calories for your body weight, and you'll do just fine.

Only supplement you need is protein powder. I wouldnt waste my money (specially when you dont have it at age 16) on ZMA or most andro supplements, as well as creatine. Some people say they work some people say they dont (that is the case of creatine - never put on 1 fuckin pound of body weight in the 3 times i used it, and got bloated like hell). ZMA will help you but not as much as you want it o. Only andro supplements you should consider getting should be Biotest Mag-10. I havent used it myself and cant vouch for its results - I can only say what Ive heard on these forums. I myself have tried several brands of andros in my ingenuity and saw my paychecks go down the drainer for nothing. Dont make that mistake - you'll be sorry.

 Regardless of what everybody else tells you, the only supplement you need is good food. Get a good workout routine and do it consistently. Get a good diet using the guidelines I gave you and do it consistently. That's all you need to get great results.


 There are 3 parts to the equation when trying to pack on muscle:

 Workout + hormones + diet

 Diet is 80% of the equation. Workout is necessary strictly to apply the stimulus needed for the body to NEED to grow. Hormones is whatll determine if that stimulus and your diet will pack on muscle mass, fat mass or neither. However at age 16 hormones shouldnt be your concern (not until you're in your 30s). 
 Quote:  I was stuck at 195-200 for 3 years, despite the fact I was lifting twice a day every day.

  You seriously need to take a hard look at your training philosophy if you're training twice a day every day.

  You mention obvious overtraining as an accomplishment and something that should be making you stronger and bigger - it's neither of those things. I expect T-men to know better (much better) than this for christ's sake.

  You ever pick a t-mag issue and read it through besides your JBs articles? They might help you a tad.


painfromspain what year are you now?
And thanks for the helpful info guys. Also janderstein sorry I forgot to tell you about the things we do before lifting. We do much of the agility things you were talking about. Such as dot drill, pro agility, tuck jumps, ladder and hurdle drills for foot speed, etc.

Man, how do you find the energy to lift after those? Bro when we trained, it all had to seperated, both the lifting sessions, and speed and agility sessions should be split up, but once again I understand you are under the hand of the coach, which I assume is doing this before hand to make sure you youngsters do it. Man bust your butt and you will get results, but learn the nutrition game as it is vital to performance.

 First off, training does not need to be seperated.  People get so scared about overtraining when they probably have never came close.  But that is another story.  
Secondly,  I would recommend that you really analyze your diet as it bears tremendous importance!  There are some great articles here as well as at www.johnberardi.com.  Also realize that size most of the time is over rated.  you want to be good at football be able to RUN!  I hate to use an overused saying but, "SPEED KILLS".  Bottom line.  Bench Press means abosolutely zilch!  If you can't move you can't play.  Really work those O-lifts and get in the best shape possible.  If you eat right the weight will come. I would really suggest you get in touch with Coach Davies. Good luck to you.  

Invisible, let me just say that I am only speaking from personal experience, after training for fotball, there was not way I could go out and get in a quality sprint workout, plus trying to do ladder drills before a lifting session would take so much away from strength. I think you are right in letting the youngster know that nutrition is key. Too say bench means zilch is going a little far, as every muscle group comes into play in the sport of football, for example, could you tell me what lifting movement would closely relate to a cornerback bumping a wide reciever, or just the opposite a reciever shoving for seperation off of a d-back, come on its all tied together. Train Hard youngster!