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Helpful supps. for carb-up

I posted a message a few days ago about uncontrollable appetites during carb-ups; however, no one responded (thanks). Anyway, my question is on HCA or Citrimax. Yes, I know it’s not a miracle supplement and it takes fairly high dosages, but have any of you used this on a carb-up and if so did it blunt your appetite or help w. glycogen storage? I can use all the help I can get. Thanks to anyone who replies.

I’ve tried Citrimax in the past. I think the difference is negligible. Maybe it works for someone who is cutting a couple hundred calories a day. But when I recarb, that stuff is not going to slow me down. I just keep the carb-up to one day only and take vanadyl to go with wolfing down every morsel of food I can get my hands on. I have heard that ALA is useful though. What I do find that helps is to try and work out before (immediately or the night before) I pig out. I feel an increased glycogen storage and fat gain is rare. But I only do one day (15 hours - morning till evening). The pump and vascularity in the gym are great the next day

I use ALA-it’s awesome. I also use the Atkins Blood Sugar formula recommended by Coach Poliquin. It’s been a while since I used vanadyl, but I may consider it again. Thanks for the response.