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Helpful Doctor for Blood Work?


I'm looking for a little advice on finding a good doctor.

I am NOT looking for a TRT doc, but I AM looking for a doctor who understands my desire to naturally maximize my hormonal profile and know which of my hormone levels might be less than optimal, so that I can try to address that (via lifestyle, diet, supplementation). I'm looking for someone who won't look at me with a sneer and a raised eyebrow when I request a blood test workup that includes things like free and total testosterone, estradiol, SHBG, DHEA, DHT, prolactin, etc. My previous primary care doctor (an internist) was very reluctant to add all that stuff to the usual CBC panel. I had to push and push and push, and he just wasn't helpful.

Any ideas on how to go about finding a modern, knowledgeable, progressive-minded doctor like that, or any referrals? (I'm in NYC, by the way.)

Thanks in advance.


Just to get the ball rolling...


I have not used a practitioner like that, but if I thought one would help after exploring all or most other options, I'd look for a D.O. (as opposed to an M.D.) who specializes in "Functional Medicine". Many DO's are more "progressive" and also can pretty much do what an MD can do in most states as far as treatments and procedures. What you describe seems right up their alley. In my area at least, insurance coverage for them (or anything they prescribe) is minimal at best.

Aside, I saw your post a cpl years back on BioSignature.. Can I ask what the outcome of that was for you, and why that isn't still an option for you (or is it)?


A doc who's certified in Sports Medicine should be more understanding than the usual MD.