Hello, the name Colton and I have a problem.

Recently, I have obtained ehernia from my job as a mill worker. Long story short, I was issued 4 months off work.

Now,I told my doctor that this is great and all giving me time to heal, but I don’t want to turn into a fat bastard. (Well, fatter than I am.)

My problem is that I have already been dedicated to working out, and nothing seems to be happening. I’ve been matching it up with a diet issued by a doctor and its a no-show.

I really think I’m going the wrong way about everything, I’m like a lost dog in the woods, everywhere I go its a new area, but i’m still lost. I honestly don’t know what to do.

I asked my doctor If I could join a martial art, he said yes as long as your not lifting an huge ammount of weight. I was surprised and asked, what about high kicking? Surprisingly he said with my unique case of ehernia, the stretching of my lower adominal area in a high kick would be of no problem. Awesome.

So this, on top of this last weekend, spawned the question; a martial art. I was in tae-kwon-do when I was little, and I always thought that my dedication in that Martial Art was a waste of my god-damn-time and money. So I left. Yet, at this last party I was at (No, I didn’t drink, or smoke… I’m a good guy, and also the Dedicated Driver.) I had I guy lipping me off.

Now, I’m a really nice guy. Like I mean, really nice, 100% honestly, but my looks are also intimidating. I guess I’m a big guy, I hear everyone telling me I’m a big guy, so this spawned his attack on me. Now, this part is the cool part. He came running at me about 7 feet away (I didn’t see or hear him, big outside party) and he jumped on my back and grabbed my head, instantly within the 2 seconds he was on me I threw him to the ground winding him and making him scream out. But thats besides the point, “I” don’t think I’m a big guy and I want the confidence that I’m looking for.

I need guidance. There I said it. I really want to join something that will keep me active, and I really want to be sent in the right way for working out and dieting. I know, I know… I’m asking to be fed with a silver spoon, but this is me, pleading… and this is me, needing help.

I understand reading is an essential on this website, and trust me, I’ve read… but thats all I can seem to do. I’ll take some of Waterbury’s awesome guides, try to do them, and it seems that It doesn’t work, and I know it will work. I feel somethings wrong… and I have no one to show me if I doing it wrong or not.

In conclusion, I want… no I “NEED” to do something about this. My problem areas are my chest and my stomach, but everything else is just all out built… I look like a tard and my self confidence is ruined. I’m a piece of shit.

I really think that the drastic and utter impotent measures I need to go to is getting a list of things I should take in the morning, multivitamins etc…and just goto GNC and buy it. I need to know “what” to do. I can’t stress it enough, I really need to “KNOW” in my head that its the right thing to do before I unlock my true potential. I’ve seen it before, its the only way to unlock my TRUE dedication to something… is if I 100% no, 110% know this is the RIGHT F’i’n’ thing to do!

Anyways, I hope I did the right thing and come here, and I really hope that someone up there in the body building world can help me out.




Oh yeah, I guess you want to know what I want to do with my body.

Well, It’s hard to explain. I really would enjoy if my arms showed their muscle more… I know I have muscle there, but it doesn’t show. I was all flexing my arms a couple of days ago and I got shut down because they don’t really show anything. Their huge, like don’t get me wrong, and their hard… but it don’t show very well.

I also have a screwed up chest from a bungee jumping accident… but theres still enough tissue in there to lose the fat and regain muscle, as my specialist says.

My stomach? Ouch… theres something to lose your self esteem on. A stretch mark invaded, sadly put, blob. Go away… you damn stomach! Stupid ehernia… won’t allow me to too hard on it. The doctor says because I had this problem before on my stomach being oversized, my ehernia problem won’t help at all.

He said I need to organize some sort of program that will slowly strengthen my lower adominal area and tighten it up, slowly. He also mentioned that If I obtain a smaller stomach, my ehernia will eventually heal up by itself, awesome! No surgery required? What… too small for surgery? Awesome! I love it…

I really hope you guys can help me.

Sorry for not including this in the original post, but I forgot. I had so many things going through my head when I originally posted this, I just forgot most of the values of the post that I wanted to get clear.

My goal is kind of “unique”. It is to have agility, fast hitting arms and legs, but powerful also. I would really like to be able to take a punch in the stomach area and chest area without having to worry about it. I want to be able to defend myself at the utmost degree, and I mean really defend myself.

Don’t get me at the wrong angle here, I can defend myself to an degree that people are scared of me and back down after I get tired of them lipping me off. Yet, I still want to improve. Give me the label of, “Always looking to get better.”

I really don’t care about the body weight, which I should, in some views, but honestly, I just want to look good, feel good, and deal good. (The third ones a must.)

I have so much extra time now its crazy, and I hate it. I just want to get up at a certain time and go.

I’m willing to go-go-go at any moment, and I just want to better myself for the future. I’m tired of being nice guy finishes last, tired of it.

I really understand how this could be a difficult case to handle, but I really need to push the envelope on this one, I need the guidance.

I’m starting to get all tired all the time due to my inactivity.

I know its as easy as just going out my front door and running for 10-20 minutes a day, but on top of that, what next?