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I am a reguluar reader of T-Mag and the forum…i try to apply some of this wealth of knowledge to my training, but like alot of the other forum complainers, i found my results grinding to a hault or minimal at best…I have been trying to put on some size for the past 4 months but and following a structured training and eating plan but i am becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of results…so here goes, this is what doesnt work for me:
9am- wake up (i work 3-11) drink 1 large sport bottle of water

10-11- workout

11am- 10 grams creatine (the expensive sugar filled osmotic acceleration kind)

1115 am- 2 scoops whey protein shake

noon- 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 3 slices whole grain bread

200- 2 chicken breasts, 1 cup pasta

4-5 pm- 1 can tuna or salmon, 1 cup pasta

7-8- 1 mrp

10-11…whey protein shake or 200g 1% cottage cheese and fruit

on weekends i usually have 1 large steak dinner
or a burger and fries and a few beers.


monday- delts, tris, traps
db shoulder presses 4x6-10
lateral raises 3x6-10
hammer raises 2x6-10
dips 6x6
french press 3x6-10
shrugs 3x6-10

pullups- 6x6
pulldowns close/wide 3x6-10 each
seated rows- 3x6-10
deadlifts- 3x6-10


thurs-biceps chest
bench press 3x6-10
db incline press- 3x6-10
seated machine press- 3x6-10
ez-bar curls- 3x6-10
alt db curls- 3x6-10
cable/rope curls- to failure

friday- legs
squats 3x6-10
leg press- 3x6-10
lying leg curls 3x6-10
still leg deadlift 3x6-10

weekends off

so thats it, i hope someone can see something i am doing wrong and steer me in the right direction and help me accelerate my gorwth...thaks in advance

We’d need a lot more info than you provided (like age, weight, height, experience level etc.), but here are a few guesses: 1) You’re not eating until 11:15am each day? Bud, you should have two meals in you by then. 2) Training with mass as your goal is hard to do in the morning in a weakened, possibly catabolic state. Can you train later? Or at least eat first? 3) How many calories are you getting per day? Grams of protein? Carbs? Fat? Don’t tell us food, tell us numbers. Do you know? Your overall fat intake looks pretty low, too.

I dont know how old you are or how much you weight but it looks to me that you aren’t eating enough. Most people would have a hard time maintaining bodyweight with that diet, much less gain weight. I suggest you increase your early day consumption of calories. Have some oatmeal and an MRP before you workout and increase the caloric of each other meal by about 50-75 calories per meal and see what happens.

First off you should be eating as soon as you wake up unless your doing cardio, in which case you should eat immedately afterward. calories are a little low a few of your meals are just to small in general, and their needs to be more healthy fat. your training volume also looks a little low by Dozers standards. mind you this is mostly guesses sonce I don’t know your age, height and weight, a general body type would help to…endo, ecto, meso…


I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but these guys are right. Even without enough info I can tell you that unless you’re about 5’3" and 120 pounds, you need to eat more, especially in the morning. I don’t know your protein, carb, fat breakdown, but I can tell you do not have enough fat in that down. Get some peanut butter, mayo, flax oil, fish oil, something. You will never grow without the proper fuel.

thanks for responding…sorry for the half assed info…as far as other training times go, its impossible to train at any time except 10am considering my hours at work…im 24 yrs old 6’2 216lbs 16%bf last time i checked,my training history is used to train religiously, got good results…slacked off got fat…lost 30lbs with diet and excercise…started training seriously again a little under a year ago…i take in 200g of protein a day, ill throw in an extra shake or protein bar to get to that goal…i should know better and eat before training, im gong to have to prioritize that…thank you again

Im sorry but if your a regular reader of Tmag you should know better than to do half the stuff your doing. Why not pick one of Ian Kings programs and follow it to the T?

Yes, throw in an MRP as soon as you wake up. This should digest fast and shouldn’t affect your training in a negative way. In fact, I’ll bet you get a better workout.

You need at least 324 grams of protein if you’re trying to add muscle. That’s your body weight times 1.5. Some would say you need even more, more 324 will get you on the right path.

How about overall calories? You need to figure those up and add to it. Those extra cals should come from protein and good fats. Add some flax oil and/or fish oil caps to your diet. Natural peanut better is also a good idea. And have that weekend steak several times a week!

You might want to go read our “Massive Eating” articles at T-mag, plus the “Diet Manifesto”.

I’d bump those reps up a little too, say 10-12 or just pick a program here at T-mag and try it. Good luck. Keep us posted.

BTW, this type of post is very cool. Sometimes we need someone to analyze our programs from an outsider’s point of view. Look how quickly we solved (hopefully) Eddie’s problem.

big thank you to chris and the others who responded…im going to start with the extra calories plus morning mrp and extra reps…thanks again for pointing out the flaws in my program, i needed the constructive critisism