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Help :(


hello evryone im new to this forum anyways i got a weight problem im 19 yrs old,6ft 1" and weight about 148lbs. My chest size is about 36"- waist is 29.5" biceps 12" forarms 10.5" i am really lanky and want to increase weight gain anyone suggest any diets and excercise programs coz i wanna gain weight fast in about 2 months- iv strated alredy and eating around 5-6 times a day. Also i have flat pecs development need ot make them thick n fast


In 2months, don't expect any miracles. Since you are newer to the game, you can expect some quick gains when you first start but you won?t be putting on lbs of lean muscle in only 2 months. It takes years of training to really boost your weight and lean muscle.

That being said I was in the exact same situation as you are now, expect that I was 6'2. In HS I was 6'2'' and wrestled in the 151 weight class...and got my ass kicked by 5 foot nothing stocky midgets. I would recommend researching Westside Barbell training to start with. It focuses on the major lifts and will add plenty of mass. As for eating, take in plenty of protein, I suggest drinking several protein shakes a day to add in that, and eat a ton of pasta. Just look around the site and you'll find a ton of info!


EDT, no cardio and the seefood diet: you see food, you eat it simple no?


ok thanx hiw long do u think it waill take ta gain aroun 30lbs


ye u see food you eat how long will it take to gain 30 lbs and aslo i was smoking for lyke 2 years does dat affect your weight aswell (stopped nw)


smoking could decrease your hunger, that's why models do it, so thats one way it can deter your goals. 30lbs pounds it looking only at lean muscle lbs. I would say 2-2.5 years? I'm sure some other guys on here will say I'm wrong, but thats how long it too me, and thats without AAS.


Honestly you have to read some of the articles first, or hire a personal trainer. You can't expect some random dude to outline an entire training protocol and nutritional advice over the internet. Look up Massive Eating by John Berardi, and find a beginning training template on this website. There's a search button at the top of the page.


if you work out 5 days a week with heavy weight (check out Dr. Berardis Skinny Bastard Program..eat 4500 calories a day...no cardio..no smoking..you could gain 20lbs in a couple months..i did it...


At one time I was in the same boat as you, bro. I started out at about 5'10 110, and then I kinda psuedo-bulked until I was 6'1 148. Then when I got serious, I got to 6'1 180 within 6 months. That was with balls to the walls training and drinking in excess of a gallon of milk per day, in addition to large quanities of food.


ok i will look at the skinny bastard programs n other things but how easy is it to gain body fat or 30lb in general


They weren't 20lbs of muscle though.


Please please please stop using AOL slang, it is unbearable.

If you force feed yourself, workout HARD (and by I hard I mean if you think you are working hard crank it up another few notches) and intelligent, it will still be tough to gain 20 pounds in 2 months, but it isn't unheard of - especially for a beginner.


Have you seen his pics? He was no doubt UNDERweight before like a lot of these guys. They can pack on lean mass quickly to begin with because they were starving themselves before.


That's AOL slang? I just thought he was illiterate.


If bigmike's anything like me, (and going by the pics he posted recently he is, physique-wise) they would have been mostly muscle. I gained 15lbs in the first 2 months of S2B, very little of it fat.


Uh..that question's more or less unanswerable. It depends on too many factors.
Speaking of my own subjective personal experience (which is all I'm qualified to do; it's not THAT hard. I gained 30lbs LBM this past year, with 10 lbs fat. Buy S2B, read up on Barr and Berardi, lift heavy (and HARD) and eat big.


yea i mean by no means is my physique anything to brag about..but prior, i had the physical impressiveness of one of those kids off the "feed the children" program...i may have gained a minimal amount of fat, but the vast majority was all muscle


nothin is easy. if you think it is easy, quit now because you are setting yourself up for failure. if you dont want to plan out what youre going to eat everyday- and actually eat it, keep track of your lifts and not slack off, be sore in places you didnt know existed, and sacrifice a major amount of time..then quit now...its not going to be easy its going to be one of the hardest tasks you could take on...and at certain stages, like myself right now, youll be frustrated..but youll learn to love it...


Ok thanks for the advice (sorry about the aol slang). Also I like help with another problem, I am 19 years old-height 6ft 1" now and my my chest size is still 36", probably because I am Underweight and Also have a slight potrusion in my sternum so I am really Mildly 'pigeon chested'. that does not bother me, but are there any reasons why my chest size is small???

I wan't to increase it from 36" to 42". Also my pecs are undeveloped and needs improvment. Can you lot give me some advice I will really appreciate it Thanks


You want some advice? Stop looking for "a little progress". Your entire thought process will ensure you get NOWHERE. You don't need "a little" size on your chest. You don't even need to be worrying about the ratio between your chest and waist. You are skinny as shit. You have MUCH work to do, MUCH food to eat, MUCH weight to lift, and are about 5 years away from even looking like you have put any effort into this. A grown man with a 36" chest at 6'1"? Why? Have you been locked in a basement until you turned 18? Are you allergic to food? Do you move at all? You can see your sternum because you have NO MUSCLE ON YOUR BODY BECAUSE YOU DON'T EAT ENOUGH AND DON'T TRAIN HARD ENOUGH.